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No Girls Allowed (Digific, Ch. 18)

Title: No Girls Allowed
Author: Schnickledooger
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Jun keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. Tai is not pleased, especially when it gives his friends the wrong impression. AU Season 02 time-line and events.
Word Count: So far... 91,000+

Ch.1 Revenge
Ch.2 Backfired
Ch.3 The Way To A Man's Heart Is...
Ch.4 Love Is A Jealous Thing
Ch.5 Night Out
Ch.6 Eternal Darkness Of The Cluttered Mind
Ch.7 All The World's A Stage
Ch.8 Elementary, My Dear Jun
Ch.9 The Melancholy Of Taichi Kamiya
Ch. 10 All's Fair In Love And War
Ch.11 So Much For My Happy Ending
Ch. 12 Accidentally In Love
Ch. 13 Just To Let You Know I Care
Ch. 14 With You
Ch. 15 Take My Hand
Ch. 16 Poisoned Bond
Ch. 17 Tidal Wave

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Toei Animation does.

Ch. 18 Centrifugal Motion

Agumon had developed a disturbing obsession with Plato's works.

Disturbing but not unforeseen since it had been his partner who suggested it might be just the right solution that BlackWarGreymon was looking for. BlackWarGreymon, who was another obsession of Agumon that the small dinosaur was determined to help out in any way possible.

Which was the reason why Tai found him seated on the floor of his room in front of the tv, deeply immersed in watching a documentary the History channel was showing on the ancient Greek philosopher.

It made sense sort of. Agumon was a Digimon with no formal or basic education that human children were taught. He couldn't just pick up a book and start reading since he had zero literary skills. Heck, Tai himself sometimes had trouble remembering which kanji meant what. Therefore, different ways to learn more about his new interest had to be found. Tai had mentioned his rather embarrassing problem to Izzy upon arriving back in the real world once it had become so prominently apparent in his partner and Izzy had solved it by checking out all the video material the library had to offer on the subject and dropping them off at his apartment.

Of course, that was after he had demanded to know the reason behind Agumon's sudden obsession and Tai had been forced to unveil his and BlackWarGreymon's unwitting heart-to-heart session they had back in the Digital World.

Metaphorically speaking, since BlackWarGreymon had no heart or so he claimed.

At least, that was what Agumon was trying to disprove by taking in so much of Plato's theories.

In any case, Izzy had been more than a little angry that Tai hadn't revealed this right away especially after he had warned him about the consequences of withholding information from team members. Tai had sit through an hour-long lecture of hearing his friend rant over the "not being taken seriously" and "you need to get over your trust issues" and "friends share each other's loads, so am I your friend or not?"

At which point, being extremely hungry and thus also grouchy and tired of listening to the long tirade, Tai had snapped at him that he didn't need another Matt-clone in his life.

At which, in response to the rather rude comment, Izzy had taken offense and blinded him in the eyes with a searing beam of light from his wireless laser mouse, then stormed off while Tai was collapsed on the ground literally seeing red and thus far, hadn't spoken to him since.

Which was why he ignored Izzy's call when the number appeared on his cell phone right as he came back with his mother from a visit to the doctor and found Agumon watching Plato with his headphones covering the small slits he had for ears to block out any sound that might emit from the tv and cause the Kamiya parents to wonder why there appeared to be someone in their son's bedroom when no one else was supposed to be home.

If Izzy wanted to know how his check up had gone, he would have to just ask Kari. Tai really didn't feel like talking to people who fought unfairly—using technology as a weapon was just sinking to an all-new low. No wonder the world was in the state in was in now. Whatever had happened to bare-handed fists fights, swords and clubs? Give him the good old Vikings over Plato any day.

Knowing Agumon wouldn't hear him even if he called out his name, Tai took off one of his gloves, rolled it up into a ball and threw it at him. It bounced off the top of the small dinosaur's head taking the headphones with it. They fell to the floor where an old man's voice drifted faintly out of the speakers no doubt droning on about the awesomeness of Plato.

Lifting one claw to the side of his head and scratching it, Agumon cast a befuddled gaze around for the reason the headphones had been knocked off. His eyes lit up with the caught sight of his partner standing in front of the closed door. "Tai, you're back!" he cried delightedly, springing up and rushing over, latching claws around the boy's middle in a hearty hug. "How did the check up go?"

"Fine," Tai smiled. "They said my vertebrae are all healing nicely. I just have to keep wearing this compression brace until the allotted time is over. Doc says if all goes well, I can most likely play in the spring soccer season."

His cell phone continued ring with Izzy's persistence until Tai turned it off. He couldn't help but imagine Izzy's enraged face as his call was cut off without warning. He could probably expect another retaliation at their next confrontation. Maybe something like Izzy trying to strangle him with his massive headphones in a chain shot attack—no, Izzy wasn't into physical violence. He would most likely send a virus via email that would crash his computer then Tai would be forced to be the first one to come forward if he wanted it fixed.

"Have you eaten yet? Did Kari feed you?" Tai asked.

"She and Gatomon left almost right you and your mom. She said they were going over to T.K.'s," Agumon said.

"Reeeeally?" Tai drew out, not sure how to take the news. He wouldn't have thought twice about it before since he knew T.K. was Kari's friend and part of the younger Digidestined team, but now after his discussion with Izzy in the Digital World he was slowly beginning to realize that as much as he didn't want to admit it, his sister was growing up and might be starting to see boys in a different light.

"I think it has something to do with the children Oikawa implanted the Dark Spores in," Agumon shared.

Oikawa. The face to their mystery man who had given the warning "what happened five years ago isn't over yet" had finally been revealed. And he was working alongside of Arukeniemon and Mummymon on top of that.

No, what was scary… was that it appeared they were working under him.

After they had returned to the real world, the first thing Izzy had done was to find out what events had transpired in their absence.

They had received a full-scale account from Davis full of colorful language of how some "creepy pedo bastard kidnapped Ken, tossed him in the back of a van, and tied him up like a pretzel for his own sick purposes!"

Their horror had melted into mostly concern when Yolei had correctly re-informed them with clearer details.

Ken possessed a Dark Spore which had received in one of his earlier visits to the Digital World. It had the ability to slowly and subtly increase the intelligence of its human hosts as well as their athletic prowess to genius levels.

Oikawa had somehow known of its existence and had kidnapped Ken to make copies which he implanted into the children who had gone missing, whom he had appeared to have successfully lured away with coaxing and promises of their dreams being fulfilled; Mummymon and Arukeniemon had been his tools in getting his message out and delivering the children to him.


"He s-said… he said he could m-make me s-superior… t-that all my w-wishes would be g-granted…"


"…she s-said I was too o-old for it to spr-rout p-properly…"


To think that Jun had been so close to receiving one… the idea wasn't pleasant, especially since Ken had already demonstrated the side effects of what a Dark Spore's power could do.

It seemed Tai was missing out on practically every major event thrown their way. Not that the older kids could done much good without their partners there, but it was making him extremely irritated. Perhaps BlackWarGreymon wasn't far off in thinking that Fate or the Digital Sovereigns had some personal vendetta against certain people.

Tai turned his cell phone back on and dialed a number he had only called a few times before.

The person picked up on the first ring. "Hello?" Jun's voice sounded in his ears, the most beautiful thing Tai thought he had ever heard before.

Tai lost his ability to speak for several seconds. "Hey… I'm back," he finally managed to get out before slapping his free hand to his forehead and grimacing. What kind of greeting had that been? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

"Well, that only took one whole day for you to call and let me know," Jun said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Tai winced. He knew he should have called earlier. Now she was angry. Even though he had left to help Agumon, it still didn't change the fact that to her it looked like her newfound boyfriend had run off and deserted her.


"Everyone… everyone always leaves!"


"I know, I'm sorry," Tai apologized. "I should have at least called before I left instead of letting Davis tell you for me—"

"Darn right! And I can't believe you told him about us—I've had to put up with 'you've bewitched Taichi-sempai, you crone'," Jun shrilled doing a pretty good imitation of Davis' voice. "And 'sempai's a great guy so don't go screwing this relationship up like all the others!'"

"Actually, your brother figured out about us on his own," Tai explained. "You should give him more credit than he receives. He's a lot smarter than people think."

"Hmph!" Jun huffed. There was a short pause before she asked, "Any particular reason you called other than to tell me you're back in town?"

"Um…" Tai thought he had been getting good at reading Jun's moods, but he wasn't sure what kind of tone that had been. "I thought… if it was okay with you… I could come over to your place…"

"Well…" Jun drawled slowly as if considering. "You could… but I won't answer the door."

"Oh," Tai said. So, she was angry and didn't want to see him then.

"Because I'm not there, baka!" Jun shrieked with laughter surprising him. "I'm at the park by the skating rink! Meet up with me and we can make it a date!"

"A d-d-date?" Tai stuttered, feeling his temperature rise several degrees.

"That's why you really called, didn't you?" Jun pressed sounding amused. "Or did you have this crazy notion that we could be an official couple without any romantic rendezvous?"

"Er…" Now Tai felt like flames had engulfed entire face.

"Come on, it'll be fun!" Jun urged. "If you don't know how to ice skate, I'll teach you, but it's just like inline skating, so you should be fine if you've ever done that. And we can build snowmen and drink hot chocolate and who knows? I might even let you kiss me again."


The memory of Jun's lips against his sent tingles all throughout his body. He did want to kiss her again. Quite badly.

"Tai, you're face is all red," Agumon spoke up worriedly. "Are you getting sick? Do you have a fever?"

"W-what?" Tai exclaimed, his face flushing a darker shade. "N-no, I'm fine!"

"Who's that there with you?" Jun wanted to know.

"Oh, that's my just partner, Agumon," Tai said distractedly, trying to get his hormones back under control.

"Your Digimon?" Jun squealed excitedly. "Bring him along! I want to meet him!"

"Really?" Tai asked in disbelief. "You sure he won't be like a third wheel or something?"

"Are you starting to become jealous of your own Digimon now?" Jun giggled.

"Don't be silly!"

"Then bring him along. I'll see you guys in half an hour, ja mata!" Jun sung out before ending the call.

Tai snapped his cell phone shut then turned and sifted through his closet hastily. "Here, Agumon, wear this!" he ordered tossing a rain poncho at him.

"Why? Are we going outside?" Agumon asked.

"We're going on a freaking date, buddy," Tai stated with relish.

"A date?" Agumon look confused. "What's that?"

"It's where two people who possess a mutual understanding and familiarity agree to hang out with each other and do recreational activities," Tai quoted matter-of-factly.

Even though he was socially inept in most areas, sometimes Joe amazed him at his knowledge at the finer departments in life.


Jun was there to greet them when they arrived, standing in front of the rink waving energetically, her skates that she was gripping by the shoelaces slung over the shoulder of her white waist-coat. The hood was pulled tight around her face to block off the wind and the white of fur trimming was making the pink on her nose and cheeks from the cold stand out.

He had taken a trolley car to get to the park, however he felt short of breath when caught sight of her like he had run a twelve-mile marathon.

"H-he… hello," he stammered as they stopped in front of her.

"Hello yourself," Jun said, beaming a pearly-white smile at him before dropping her gaze to the figure who stood at Tai's right, his head about waist-level. "And you must be Agumon," she declared leaning forward slightly and placing her hands on her knees to get a better look.

"Hello, pleased to finally meet you in person," Agumon said extending one claw out in welcome.

"Oh my, so polite!" Jun gasped, taking his claw in one hand and shaking it. "Where did you learn those manners with such an uncivilized partner like Taichi?"

"I am not uncivilized!" Tai protested until he realized Jun was teasing him judging by the way her shoulders were shaking with mirth.

"A true gentleman would have introduced a lady to his companion immediately," Jun reprimanded him before turning to the small dinosaur and apologizing. "Sorry for the whack-job I gave you on our first meeting."

"Oh, that?" Agumon said seeming to remember and rubbing the top of his head where Jun had bashed his skull in with the empty thermal pail that Christmas Eve night. "Don't worry about it. Tai always tells me I'm too hard-headed for my own good!"

Jun laughed, seating herself on a bench, pulling off her boots and slipping on her skates. "Oi," she said as tugged on the laces. "Are you going to skate too or what?"

"Oh, um… I don't think that would be a good idea," Tai tried to wriggle his way out. He had never been particularly good at inline skating much less ice skating. He didn't want to make a fool of himself in front of the girl he liked. You know… more than he already had so far in their history together. "My back… doctor's orders and all," he said placing one hand on it for support. Well, it was convenient excuse. And it was true.

"What are you pregnant or something?" Jun scoffed grabbing him by the wrist and towing him to the edge of the rink. "Wait right here," she ordered with a familiar devious glint in her eyes. "I've got an idea."


Which was how Tai found himself tottering on wobbly, unsteady legs on the ice ten minutes later trying his best to stay upright and not fall flat on his face or his back which had been strapped with a giant butt-warming pillow Jun had bought off some old lady.

"You have to bend your knees!" Jun cackled at the sight skating circles around him. "Look, even Agumon is faring better than you!"

Tai glanced to his left where Agumon, still hidden under his rain poncho, seemed to have found his momentum and was sliding one clawed foot after the other effortlessly along the cool sheet of ice. He even had appeared to make some new friends: two young children, a boy and a girl, who were giggling delightedly as they gripped either side of his arms. The three of them skated past them, Agumon taking the time to shout an enthusiastic "hellooooo!" at his partner before he was gone in a blur of color.

"Yeah, well, he has help and doesn't feel like Quasimodo," Tai mumbled under his breath as he struggled to find his footing.

Quite suddenly, Jun was there at his side taking careful hold of his arm and helping him balance upright. "The secret is not to think about what you're doing," she said before leaning close and whispering in his ear, "Don't worry," her breath tickling the inside. "Esmeralda will look after you."

Then his mind was blissfully blank for a few wonderful seconds and he could feel nothing except the bright warmth that was Jun's hand touching his own as she carefully guided him step by each step until they were gliding along in perfect rhythm.

"See? It's not so bad after all, is it?" she teased.

And it was like Oikawa, Arukeniemon, Mummymon, BlackWarGreymon and the Digital Sovereigns didn't exist.

For one glorious afternoon, he didn't feel as if he had been deemed worthless and outdated merchandise tossed aside and that the ones in charge had upgraded to a brand new defense system.

For just a couple of hours, he didn't have to face the painful fact that it was most likely true.

They skated until their toes and legs were beginning to numb from the coldness beneath their feet. They stopped at a vendor's stall and bought two cups of hot chocolate.

"You want one, Agumon?" Tai asked turning to look for his partner. He didn't see him. "Agumon?"

"Looks like you've got some competition," Jun laughed, pointing over where Agumon and the two children were standing in front of another vendor and biting into steamed dumplings.

Tai smiled glad Agumon was enjoying himself and secretly pleased that his attention had been drawn away for the majority of their outing so that he had been able to have more time with Jun alone.

"Acha-cha-cha!" Jun hissed next to him as she burned her tongue on the hot liquid and drew in several breaths of the cool, wintry air greedily. There was whipped cream smeared just above her mouth and her lips were stained a rich, dark-brown color. Tai wondered what they would taste like…

A smirk broke out across Jun's face as she caught him staring. "You perv," she crooned.


"You were thinking of kissing me just now, weren't you?" Jun tittered, pressing two fingers against her chocolate-smeared lips.

"N-no I wasn't!" Tai lied. Suddenly, he didn't feel very cold anymore, rather very, very hot.

"Silly, silly boy," Jun tsked shaking her sadly. "If you want to kiss me then go ahead and kiss me."

A voice was screaming inside his head not to, that they were in public, in plain sight, but Jun was already pursing her lips out to form a plump pout and gazing at him from underneath half-lidded eyelashes and Tai decided social discrepancies be damned.

He swooped down and captured her mouth in a swift and hungry kiss and was pleasantly surprised to find to his satisfaction that yes, Jun's lips did taste like chocolate.

It would have been a very fond memory except that a split second later, Jun's forehead had smacked painfully into his nose as someone sharply bumped into her from behind. The girl went sailing into his arms at the impact—not that Tai minded that part really, but her pained yelp concerned him.

"You alright?" he asked, pushing her back a little to see her face.

"Hai, hai, I'm fine," Jun muttered. A red mark was slowly appearing on her forehead and her eyes were starting to water slightly from her bruised muscles where she had been knocked into. Rubbing her sore back, she whirled wrathfully around to give a piece of her mind.

"Hey, why don't you watch where you're going, you—YOU!" she cried in shock upon seeing the identity of her assailant.

"Eh?" said a guy with a striped mohawk and nose ring, turning his head to see what the fuss was about. His eyes widened in recognition at the two people standing a few feet away. "YOU!" he exclaimed pointing at them.

"Mohawk dude," Tai stated as if it weren't already obvious, joining in on the pointing.

"What's up, boss?" Two guys bearing the same punk haircut came up to stand beside Mohawk dude and followed his line of vision. "YOU!" one of them shouted.

"I think we've established it's us," Jun replied starkly.

"You little brats!" Mohawk dude barked angrily. "You got me and the boys three days in the slammer for 'public brawling' and 'disturbing the peace'! You think you're gonna get away without any repercussions? I'm gonna make you pay!" He slammed his fist in the palm of his hand for emphasis.

"You show 'em, boss!" his two cronies cheered him on.

"Any last words, punks?" Mohawk growled descending on them threateningly.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Jun said to Tai, ignoring the danger drawing nearer every second.

"Ah," Tai said, a grin breaking out in the corner of his mouth. He had been around Jun far too long for his own good. He even had developed the same brain-length as her. "It's incredible, isn't it?"

"He knows the word 'repercussions'," Tai and Jun said in unison turning to stare at Mohawk dude with twin dead-pan expressions.

Mohawk unleashed a furious howl and threw himself at them, fists swinging and all hell broke lose.

Without hesitation Jun flung the boiling contents of her Styrofoam cup into the guy's face causing him to shriek in pain and claw madly at his burned skin. With his hands now covering his eyes, he ploughed blindly past them straight onto the ice, slipped and went sailing across the sleek surface flailing his arms like windmills and doing what looked like a terrible rendition of Swan Lake, knocking skaters over left and right over like bowling pins.

They didn't have time to enjoy the spectacle. Now they had to defend themselves from Mohawk's two sidekicks who were determined to avenge their "boss-san".

Tai attempted to copy Jun's action from before, but it seemed as this particular subordinate was more perceptive than his leader. Before he could even take aim, his arm was caught in a crushing grip. With a start, Tai realized this guy was the same one he had fought with before—the one who had brought out a knife at the arcade.

Mohawk's crony leered at him widely as he saw the remembrance printed clearly across Tai's face, his free hand inching down to his left pants pocket…

In a flash, Tai had the guy's wrist a stronghold as they fought, though it was more like the both of them shoving each other back and forth roughly in an effort to throw the other off-balance.

Tai couldn't help risking a glance over his shoulder through his struggle. He was worried about Jun. There was still one other guy that hadn't been dealt with yet. His fears were alleviated when he saw Jun shriek out a "HIYA!" and nail the guy squarely in a very delicate part of the male anatomy with a vicious kick. Tai winced as the guy slumped over with a piercing screech and didn't get back up. Ouch, that had to have hurt. He should just be grateful that Jun had taken off her ice skates earlier.

His momentary distraction cost him greatly. With a violent jerk, he was twisted around, his grip on the guy he was fighting torn away. A fist came smashing into his face and he staggered backwards, his head reeling as he felt a hot fluid gush out of his nose. His senses were spinning wildly—he braced himself of another blow—and heard only an anguished scream of pain from his attacker instead.

Blearily, he tried to shake off the dizziness until finally the blurred shapes in front of him merged into focus: Mohawk's crony jerking every which way and screaming in fright as he landed hit after hit onto the small orange dinosaur whose sharp teeth were fastened around his leg.

"Agumon!" Tai shouted in horror. "Agumon, stop! Let him go!"

Agumon didn't seem to hear him. His green eyes were glazed over in a kind of wild frenzy and a deep snarling was spilling out from within his locked jaws as his body trembled with unrestrained fury.

"Oh, God, help me! Get it off!" the guy screamed sounding frantic as the dinosaur's teeth sunk further down into the heavy fabric of his ski slacks.

Tai rushed forward grabbed Agumon around the middle and attempted to pull him off by force. It wasn't working—the small dinosaur had developed lockjaw as powerful as a famished piranha.

"Let go, Agumon!" Tai cried again. "Please, let go! You're hurting him!"

His words finally appeared to reach through as the milky-ness faded from his partner's eyes and his body ceased its trembling. The snarling, however, remained even as Agumon reluctantly opened his jaws to release his victim. The guy stumbled backwards in his haste to get away; there was a ripping sound as some material of his slacks caught on the dinosaur's teeth leaving a long strip of fabric dangling out of his mouth.

"That! That! What is that thing?" the guy shrieked pointing at the Digimon in Tai's arms. Agumon's hood had fallen off his head exposing his reptilian features. "I-it's one of those monsters that was on tv, isn't it!

From all around him, Tai heard the clamor and cries of surprise as the bystanders took notice of the creature in their midst.

"What are you doing with one? Y-y-you're on their side, aren't you?" the guy was babbling in pure terror now. "The media's trying to cover it up, but I know the truth! They're monsters, aliens invading earth. One day we'll wake up and they'll have taken over!"

"That's not –" Tai tried to explain the situation, but he shouldn't have wasted his breath. The guy wasn't in any mood to listen.

"Shut up!" he screamed, blood rushing to his face. "They're nothing but freaks all of them! And you're a freak too for helping them!"

A ball of flame came bursting out of Agumon's open jaws and hit the ground scant inches away from the guy's foot leaving a blackened scorch mark on the frozen ground.

It was a warning shot. Agumon had better aim than that, but the guy didn't know it.

He gave a cry of alarm and leapt backwards, his complexion white and blank with terror.

"Agumon, stop, you're not helping things!" Tai scolded him. He knew his partner had only attacked the other guy in his defense, but to everyone else, they wouldn't understand that. He wondered why Agumon had retaliated at such an intense level—he and Matt had gotten into tons of fistfights before in the Digital World and he had never once attacked him.

Agumon hadn't taken his eyes off Tai's assailant. His teeth were bared and ready. "He made you bleed," he spoke in a low sand-papery rumble. "That's what humans do when they're hurt, don't they? They don't spill data—they bleed."

Tai lifted a cautious hand to his nose, touched it gingerly then pulled his hand away to view the red liquid smeared onto his fingertips.

"I'll protect you, Tai. I won't let you get hurt anymore," Agumon promised somberly.

He was still feeling responsible for his injuries caused by DarkTyrannomon, still feeling the guilt and shame of not saving him sooner.

I bled then too, Tai thought, remembering the taste of copper in his mouth before he had blacked out. Agumon must have seen it, must have connected the dots. It was no wonder he was being so aggressive and over-protective.

And Tai realized with an appalled and creeping horror that if worst came to worst, Agumon had absolutely no quarrels about crushing any potential threat to his partner's life be it Digimon or even human, the gravity of his fear of losing him was so great.

"That's it!" came an enraged bellow shattering his grotesque musings as Mohawk staggered off the skating rink and began marching towards him, his gait stiff and bow-legged from the frigid temperature of the ice, his eyes glittering in ominous intent. "I was going to be nice and only knock out a few of your teeth, but now I think I'll break a few of your limbs off and use them as trophy pieces!"

Agumon seized up in his arms at the words, his green eyes narrowing into slits and Tai inwardly groaned at the guy's bad timing.

It was Mohawk's underling that saved him. "No, boss!" he shrieked, grabbing at his coat and tugging him back a ways—or at least, trying. His leader was more heavy-built than him so all he succeeded in doing was getting dragged along as Mohawk dude continued advancing. "Boss, you can't! He'll sic that lizard-beast on you and you'll be eaten alive!"

"Eh?" Mohawk halted in his tracks to take a good look at the creature in Tai's arms. "What is that?" he demanded, though he seemed more genuinely curious than afraid.

"It's one of those monsters they were showing on tv that keep appearing everywhere!" his subordinate exclaimed. "It almost killed me! Stay away, boss, it's dangerous!"

A collection of concerned murmurs erupted from the crowd of spectators that had gathered.

"Oi, someone better call animal control!"

"Maybe the police would be better…"

"Haven't you guys watched the news? Those creatures can grow to enormous sizes! I'm calling the Self-Defense Forces! We'll need a freaking tank to take it out!"

Tai stood to his feet warily, never letting go of his grasp on Agumon. He didn't trust that his partner wouldn't launch himself at three young men who had started this whole mess in the first place. The small dinosaur had started the low snarling in his throat once again.

There was a wide perimeter of distance surrounding Tai from everyone else. The gazes they kept shooting at him were full of suspicion and fear. It was as if he had caught the plague. It was as if he were no longer human, as if he were an alien too. He had never felt so utterly cut off and alone before…

The frozen ground crunched under white boots as Jun walked over to step up beside him and place a comforting hand on his arm. "Ignore them. They don't understand it's their prejudiced butts you're trying to save," she said, eyeing the crowd with aloof distain.

Tai choked down what either might have been laughter or a sob. "Sorry, but I think I'll have to cut our date short."

Jun smiled sadly but nodded. Then rubbing the back of her neck, she fidgeted, her face flaring a rosy-hue color. "Just so you know… I had a really good time."

A quick memory of sweet, chocolate-flavored lips, of a sugar-coated kiss flashed to the front of his mind. Tai found it a little hard to breathe for several seconds.

"Well, this… really isn't a time I should be asking, but…" Tai said, his eyes darting about to see people in the crowd dialing numbers on their cell phones with swift alacrity. He had better hurry and get away while he still had the chance before the SD Forces rolled in. "Would you like to do it again sometime?"

"Only if we get to beat up brainless morons when they deserve it again," Jun laughed. Putting one hand in her coat pocket, she pulled out a handkerchief. "Allow me?" she requested his permission.

Seeing as how he thought it unwise to let go of Agumon for even one moment, he gave a nod of his head.

Jun dabbed the cloth lightly over his nose, wiping away the trail of blood that had flowed out. "Honestly, I feel like I'm taking care of Davis all over again when he was little after he got bullied by some other kid in the park."

Tai wasn't sure how he felt about that comment. Way to spoil the mood, he thought darkly.

"You make sure to take care of him for me when I'm not around," Jun said to Agumon as she tucked the now-soiled handkerchief away.

"You can count on me!" Agumon swore stoutly.

Okay, he really needed to leave before Jun fueled the flames any higher. She thought Agumon was only protecting him, which he was. She just hadn't realized the severity of much so. He needed to talk to Izzy about this new complication. He was fully prepared to apologize first if it meant finding a solution before it got out of control.

"Goodbye, I'll call you later," Tai said. He knew it wasn't a very romantic farewell by the way Jun crinkled her nose up at the reply, but he was distracted and worried—he could ask her forgiveness as well later. He turned only to find that the crowd of people had closed ranks tightly, eliminating any way out and were staring with scared yet determined expressions.

They were seriously going to try and stop him from leaving? Were they crazy? No doubt they had some idiotic notion in their heads that they were doing their " good civilian duty" and some grand delusion of being labeled a hero on tv at helping catch a "rogue monster".

Tai took a step backwards. He didn't think Agumon would attack them—they weren't physically trying to harm him, just thwarting his efforts to escape, but he wasn't sure how long that would hold up until one of them decided to act brave and do something stupid that set off Agumon's defense mode.

"Oh, it's so delicious to watch how easily you little human insects turn on each other," a low sultry voice purred in amusement cutting through the thick and tense silence.

Heads turned in the direction of the voice and Tai's stomach took a sickening plummet at the sight of the figure standing in the middle of the skating rink clad in shiny black leather, ripped and stitched to form a torn yet tight-fitting suit with chains dangling from it; crimson red eyes, silver hair and ragged ebony wings: LadyDevimon.

"I guess you humans aren't as loyal as you like to believe. You're all nothing more than inferior little parasites running about consuming each other to survive. Thus, it is within my every right to exterminate you for Lord Daemon's new world! Hahahaha!" she cackled gleefully as she swung her red-tipped clawed hand out in a sweeping arc. "Darkness Wave!"

And Tai's line of vision was enveloped by a violently swirling purplish-black storm of sizzling, dark energy.

To Be Continued…

A/N: Nrrfgl, I know it's been about a month and half since last update. Ugh. I rewrote this chapter like I don't know how many times. So, AU is really showing its face here. Ken got kidnapped, we learn about Dark Spores, no, Daemon didn't attack the van when Oikawa was making copies. Well, since we never really learn why Daemon wanted the Dark Spore in the first place, I felt as if the older kids could have some more spotlight fighting the Daemon Corps without it messing up the plot too much. It was so mean of 02 to push them in the background just when the fighting got good! XP

Since I'm sure people will have questions about Agumon's behavior: no, it's not the Virus's influence this time, the Virus really was destroyed. However, you might say there were some side effects of the Virus being within Agumon's system for so long. Gaul, the theories you can spin with so much potential in the digi-verse!

Fun Facts: you may be wondering why Tai and Jun don't kiss a lot in public and why Tai was so jittery about doing so. It's a cultural thing in Japan: public displays of affection… well, they're not bad per say, it's more like people feel that it's more polite not expose others to intimate actions such as holding hands or kissing or full-out necking. I mean, you can do it—it's not frowned on, but it's… just more polite to hold all that until you're somewhere private. Japan takes politeness into consideration very, very much. You know that girl Noriko, on Digimon, why she had on that what looked like a medical mask? People wear them when they have colds, even if it's just simple sneezing. The Japanese are so polite they don't want to give people even a sniffle. Makes me feel guilty when I go to Walmart to buy allergy medicine with my nose dripping openly. T_T

I hadn't thought this chapter would be so long. Good grief, I mean now I have to write an extra chapter because I couldn't fit it all in here, but I'm sure you all don't mind. Oh, and here's something that will make everyone extremely happy: next chapter… EVERYONE finds out about Tai and Jun, and no, it isn't because they find out they went on a date, muwahaha! XD

I listened to "This Kiss" by Faith Hill a lot while writing this chapter, hence the title, hehe. Also, "The Bird and the Worm" by Owl City and a ton of Avril including "Sk8er Boi" even though it always reminds me of Matt when I hear that song.^^

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! Please review and share your thoughts and favorite scenes. I love hearing what you liked best and it's the only reward a fanfic author gets. I like knowing what my readers think and feel. Thank you!^^

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