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No Girls Allowed (Ch. 13, Digific)

Title: No Girls Allowed
Author: Schnickledooger
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Jun keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. Tai is not pleased, especially when it gives his friends the wrong impression. AU Season 02 time-line and events.
Word Count: So far... 62,000+

Ch.1 Revenge

Ch.2 Backfired
Ch.3 The Way To A Man's Heart Is...
Ch.4 Love Is A Jealous Thing
Ch.5 Night Out
Ch.6 Eternal Darkness Of The Cluttered Mind
Ch.7 All The World's A Stage
Ch.8 Elementary, My Dear Jun
Ch.9 The Melancholy Of Taichi Kamiya
Ch. 10 All's Fair In Love And War
Ch.11 So Much For My Happy Ending
Ch. 12 Accidentally In Love

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Toei Animation does.

Ch. 13 Just To Let You Know I Care

Tai supposed he must have dozed off soon after his incredible epiphany for the next thing he knew he was waking up groggily and his mom was sitting by his bedside again.

"Such a shame you have to spend Christmas in the hospital, Taichi, but at least my baby is alive and safe and sound," Yuuko simpered once she saw he was awake, tapping the tip of his nose with her finger in a motherly gesture.

"Mooom… not in front of the nurses," Tai hissed, his eyes sliding to the two young women in white uniforms, one of whom was replacing his IV bag with a new dosage of painkillers and the other waiting with a tray of food she had just brought in. Both of them giggled appearing immensely amused and Tai wondered if he had a sign stamped across his forehead reading "Taichi Kamiya: Perfect Target For Females To Practice Embarrassing Techniques On."

"Ah, ah, I understand. My little boy is trying to be brave and strong in face of adversity!" Yuuko nodded growing teary-eyed as she ruffled his hair. "He has such a noble heart!"

"Just kill me now," Tai muttered pulling the sheets over his face as the nurses broke out into full-fledged tittering and whispering between themselves.

"Oh, I forgot! Kari asked me to give these to you on her way out," Yuuko exclaimed and it was with great reluctance but curiosity that he drew the sheets away to see two familiar objects in his mother's hands.

His digivice and D-Terminal.

"Are you still playing these video games, Taichi-kun?" Yuuko chided disapprovingly. "You're sixteen and only have one year of high school left. You should be focusing more on your studies, not on senseless things that will get you nowhere in life!"

If she only had just a smidgeon of an idea of just how far the digivice took her son…

He had a chance to look at them once the nurses left the room after giving him another check-up and when his mother took a break to use the restroom. Flipping the cover of the D-Terminal up, he checked to see if he had any messages and found several waiting.

Hey, Tai, sorry for not coming to see you in the hospital, but Izzy insisted we had some of the older kids stay behind with the younger ones to "guard" Imperialdramon—as if we could successfully pull off hiding something the size of Godzilla. I suppose I am the only option left since the brainiacs of the original group are all over there with you and if I went too that would mean leaving the girls in charge. I shudder to imagine—ow! Okay they both just hit me for that.


I am perfectly capable of taking charge too! I can so lead! I've done it before and I was wonderful!


Actually, I don't think you should put down your experience at Shogungekomon's castle as your best example^^;;


Sure, make one little mistake and people never fail to dredge it back up later! You can't deny that I was a stellar singer though. I should be the pop star not Matt! What's wrong with this picture?


Well, Matt can compete with you in the feminine appeal department. He may even be better at it. :)


Until he's man enough to embrace pink in all its power he's got nothing! Nothing! XP


The day I wear pink is the day I become an astronaut! DX How did we even get off on this subject anyway?


You were being a male chauvinist pig and we had to knock you down a peg.


I was not! Oi, Yolei, fetch me some Aquafina would you?


Hey, Tai, this is Sora. Matt got nailed by a bottle of water to the head. He may be joining you at the hospital, who knows^-~ Anyway, we were going to talk to you on the phone, but Joe called on the way out and said you looked really tired. So, we thought we'd chat this way even though you probably won't see it until we're off. I'm glad you're alright. I think what you did was really brave.

Reckless but really brave.


Be wide awake and ready to boast about your injuries gained by heroic actions when we come back!^w^


Please hurry and get better, Tai. They say it's every man's dream to be surrounded by girls but they don't realize what a nightmare it is in reality. They're abusive and domineering. ;3;


Haha! He just got hit by three more water bottles! XD Girl power!


We would just like to state for the record that we dislike being incorrectly categorized as girls. Get well soon, Tai!

-T.K., Ken and Cody

Tai felt a grin stretch across his face and a warm glow kindle in his chest as he read the messages. The hurt, shunned sensation he had felt earlier when the rest of his friends hadn't come along to see him was swept away at the words printed out on the D-Terminal's screen. He had known beforehand that they did care even if they hadn't shown up but a little verbal acknowledgement was nice to stomp on that creeping doubt every now and then.

Hey guys, he wrote, typing a return message, I expect a lots presents and souvenirs when you get back. I deserve them after all! Can't wait to show you all my horrific battle scars! :)

P.S. Serves you right, Matt, you male chauvinist pig you. XP


The phone on the wall beside his bed rang interrupting him. Tai picked it up, assuming it was for him since the line was assigned to this particular room, however he was at a loss for who it could be. His friends were all thousands of miles away by now in different countries and as far as he knew, they didn't have international calling on their cell phone plans. He supposed it could be one of soccer teammates or—he shuddered—the coach himself, but instead he was greeted by a gruff baritone voice.

"Hey, kid, heard you weren't faring so well last night. You doing alright now?"

"Mr. … Ishida?" Tai asked.

"Someone here is eager to talk to you," the man chuckled before another voice piped up, "Tai? Tai, is that you?"

"Agumon!" Tai exclaimed happily.

His partner sounded just as excited to hear his voice too. "Tai, I was so worried!" Agumon cried. "They took you away in one of those white Ambulancemon and no one knew what had happened to you!"

Tai recalled his parents being just as confused as to what hospital he had been taken to as well. "I'm fine, Agumon, don't worry. You saved me, remember? Thanks, buddy."

"But I was almost too late," Agumon said sounding distraught. "It was just like before—when you all first came to the Digital World and we couldn't digivolve until the last moment and our partners had to defend us in the meantime. I've become completely useless!"

So Agumon was feeling the brunt of his power being diminished. Perhaps Tai wasn't as alone in his feelings of regret and resentment towards the Digital Sovereigns as he had thought.

"Agumon, you're not useless," Tai said firmly. "I don't know how or why, but this is just temporary. You'll get your power back someday. Maybe all this happened for a reason. Maybe now, the younger kids will realize they can't hold back all their strength in battle simply because the Digimon they're fighting is real. You showed them what they have to do."

"You didn't have to almost die for me to do that!"

"Would you have destroyed DarkTyrannomon otherwise then?" Tai asked quietly. "If I hadn't been in mortal danger?"

Agumon was silent for a few moments. "No," he admitted in a sullen tone. "Not if there was no need to. I would have just sent him back through the gateway."

"See? So the lesson was harsh and taught the hard way, but it was learned nonetheless," Tai said. "And I survived, so please stop beating yourself up over this. You did all you could at the time."

"Tai…" Agumon questioned hesitantly. "Where do humans go when they die?"

Tai faltered. He hadn't much thought about it. It wasn't something kids thought about. In fact, Takashi-sensei often remarked to the class that it wasn't until they were out of their teenage years that people stopped and look around and realized they weren't immortal. But it did happen. People died. Everyday. He saw it on the news. In the newspaper. Even at school: a boy in Mimi's class. It had been a horrible car accident. One day he was alive and there and the next day… he wasn't.

Death was quick and snuffed life out like a candle. Humans had grown to accept this fact—that there was no escaping it. Perhaps that's why people tried to live life to the fullest. To make the most out of it before their turn came.

People knew they would die one day, but as to where they went once they died…

"Tai?" Agumon asked again.

"I… I don't know," Tai said. "It's not something we talk about much. Some say there's nothing afterwards. Some say you'll go to heaven. Others say you'll be reincarnated—have a new face, a new name, a new life. There's lots of different theories."

"But, but, if you're someone else, how will I be able to find you?" Agumon cried.

Oh, Tai thought realizing the reason why his partner sounded so distressed. It must have been quite a grim revelation for a Digimon to have.

"Agumon, I think I know why humans don't like talking about Death," he said. "There's no real answer to it and if you think about it too much, you'll drive yourself crazy. But I promise you I won't be dying any time soon. This is now and I'm right here and I swear nothing will ever break the bond we share, not even Death, alright?"

"T-Tai," Agumon spoke. There came a deep intake of breath on the end as if the small dinosaur had just sniffled heavily. "I don't want to live without you."

"I know, Agumon," Tai said softly. "The same goes for you."

They eventually moved on to other topics: Tai's spinal fracture, Mr. Ishida's cooking which was almost as bad as bad as Mrs. Kamiya's it seemed, wondering how the others were doing on their grand world tour adventures, but the conversation remained there at the back of their minds never fully fading from remembrance. It would stay there, Tai guessed, for a long, long time.


The sun was setting in the horizon, its rays filtering through his window to dye the white walls of his hospital room a splendid golden color. It was this time yesterday that Tai remembered he had been sitting on a bench waiting for the results of Jun's confession to Matt. It seemed like decades had passed considering he had confessed to her himself not mere hours ago. A confession to which she hadn't even graced him with a reply.

She could have a least rejected me with a 'Hell no!' Tai thought stirring the gunk on the plate the nurse had brought him that they had the audacity to label as dinner.

He didn't know what to think of this weird silence with no word whatsoever from her. Okay, so she had been rather wrapped up in anger and guilt the last time he had seen her, but still… he had fully expected a phone call with her screeching insults at him by now.

The sound of snoring reached his ears and Tai looked at his dad who had switched places with his mom while she had gone "home to cook him a decent meal". Hmm, actually, this hospital food wasn't quite so bad after the first few gags.

Tai recalled how he had felt when Sora and Matt hadn't come and seen him and how happy he had been to receive their messages. Maybe he should be the one to take the initiative.

He wouldn't have done it if it was his mother there instead, even if it looked like she was sleeping. The woman had ears like a hawk and eyes in the back of her head. However, his dad appeared to be sleeping heavily going by the thundering depth of his snores.

Picking up the phone off its receiver, he called Jun's cell number, his fingers fairly flying over the buttons as he dialed from memory.

"Moshi, moshi," she answered after the fourth ring, J-pop music blasting in the background.

"Uh," Tai drawled not sure what he should say. He honestly hadn't expected her to pick up the phone. "Hey… it's me," he finally said as if it weren't obvious. "Listen, about earlier today—"

"What? Hold on, I can't hear you. You're gonna have to speak up. Me and my friends are doing karaoke!" Jun practically shouted into the phone as the music blared impossibly louder.

Well, it was nice to know that the girl wasn't off somewhere wallowing in churning vestiges of guilt.

"I said," Tai yelled as loudly as he dared so as not to wake his dad, "about earlier today—"

"PSYCH!" Jun shrieked laughing crazily. "This is my voicemail, sucker! Hahahaha! God, I can't believe you fell for that whoever you are! Leave a message at the tone. Nya, nya!"


Why that, that no-good … porcupine-head! Tai thought irritated.

"Oh, so very clever," Tai snapped at the recording system. "But I've heard better ones bef—"

"Omigawd, did you fall for that one too?" Jun's voice popped up again startling him. "That beep was from the microwave! Just how gullible are you? Here's the real one, baka! Hahahaha! If you actually leave a message after this, maybe you're worth talking to after all!"


"Okay, that last part was pretty good," Tai admitted smiling in spite of himself. "Anyway, Jun, about earlier… I hope I didn't scare you or anything. I mean, don't take 'like' so literally. I just meant that you used to freak me out. A lot. And now you don't . Well, not as much. I mean," he said hastily, feeling like he was failing to get his point across. "I don't mind that you still freak me out. It's perfectly fine if you want to. Not that I think you do it on purpose… some of the time. I mean—I don't know what I mean. Look, I totally don't blame you on what happened. I would have done it again even if I knew I'd end up in here, okay? So please, keep on being psychotic and obsessive. Because you're awesome like that. Gah!" Tai yelped at his slip. "See? You can use 'like' that way too! Um… bye!"

He hung up hurriedly, practically slamming the phone back on the receiver and buried his flaming face in his hands. God, that had not gone the way he had wanted to at all. Could that have been any more humiliating?

A sniffle echoed throughout the room and Tai looked up to his dad wiping away a tear that trickled down his cheek as he beamed watery-eyed at him.

"That sounded just like the phone call I made when I first started dating your mother," Susumu Kamiya stated fondly, clapping his son heartily on the shoulder. "She cooked me a meal that gave me food poison and sent me straight to the ER, but it was worth it! That's my boy!"

Unsurprisingly, this piece of news did not make Tai feel any better of course.


Sunset had long gone, twilight was fading, and night was coming in. From his window, Tai could see the city's lights twinkling like a thousand fireflies. Since it was Christmas, a lot of couples were probably out on dates and friends were having parties. He wondered what it would have been like if he hadn't been stuck in the hospital. If Matt's concert hadn't been attacked, Control Spires hadn't mysteriously sprung up all over the world and everyone had rushed off to bring them down. Would they all be celebrating together? Or would have Mimi and Joe and Sora and Matt wanted their romantic night out? Would he… have still confessed to Jun? Probably not. He wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing at the moment though.

The door to his room slid slightly ajar and Tai wondered why his dad coming back so soon from the need to stretch his legs as he claimed. He had only left minutes ago. Personally, Tai had expected him to get lost and not be back for a while. Susumu was abysmal with directions and reading kanji.

"Yo," greeted a familiar figure with a head of spiky chestnut hair as she stepped through the doorway.

Jun stood there, a few paces from his bed, looking distinctively uncomfortable as she fidgeted most uncharacteristically, both arms behind her back as she gnawed her bottom lip.

"Interesting voicemail you have," Tai spoke first breaking the ice.

"Isn't it?" Jun laughed a bit nervously. "Well, it wards off undesirable phone calls, I'll tell you that. Interesting message you left too."

"Yeah," Tai said, his mind drawing a blank at what else to say.

"Yeah," Jun echoed as she idly scuffed her shoe across the floor's surface.

Neither of them mentioned his "confession" from earlier, if that even what it was.

"Well, I thought you might be hungry and if you really want to get better you have to eat some decent food, so I brought you this!" Jun explained in a rush, whipping out something from her back.

A sealed clear, plastic container that was filled with familiar white noodles, light-brown broth and an egg floating in the middle.

"I didn't make it 'cause I didn't go home, but I when I got your message I just happened to be near this udon shop so I went it and bought some so it's fresh and well now that I know that you like it…" Jun trailed off appearing embarrassed.

Tai could feel the stupid, idiotic grin spreading out across his face, but couldn't stop it and really didn't want to either.

"Oh, just be thankful and eat it!" Jun huffed catching sight of his expression and flung the chopsticks at him narrowly missing on poking out one of his eyes.

The pointy ends bounced off his forehead instead leaving indent marks.

Tai was a firm believer in the saying, "love hurts."


"I guess I should have listened to you when you said I needed to tone down my hyperactive tendencies and glomping attacks, huh?" Jun stated rather morosely as she sat by his bedside.

"I believe I threw 'obsessive stalking' in there too," Tai said as he took a big mouthful of noodles. Oh yes, so much better than hospital food and a zillion times better than anything his mom made. Best damn food invention on earth.

"You know, I've received the whole 'it's not you, it's me' speech so many times before, but this time it really hurt," Jun admitted with a sigh, placing her elbows on her knees and resting her chin between her hands.

"Wasn't it you who once said 'no one dumps Jun Motomiya, Jun Motomiya dumps them?'" Tai pointed out.

Jun glared at him. "My, you certainly have a clear mind this visit. They must be cutting down on your dosage. Sure, they may have started to dump me, but as soon as I heard those words, I made sure to cut them off and dump them first. The situation reversed on them so fast, they never knew what hit them, haha!

"But you didn't this time?"

"No," Jun said seeming to curl inward on herself. "I wanted to know what he didn't like about me. Why I was so unappealing to him. He didn't even give me a reason at first. He just said he didn't feel that way about me. That I was wasting my time pursuing him. That he would never feel the same way about me that I did for him. So I pressed him until he finally admitted I was too psychotic and obsessive for his taste and quite frankly, I frightened him."

"You know, you're not really psychotic and obsessive. You're just a bit too… over-enthusiastic at times. You push too hard, even when something is supposed to be fun," Tai said recalling Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts. "You need to relax sometimes. Really relax."

"Che, fine advice from the guy who struck out with the girl he had a crush on," Jun lashed out.

Tai's jaw muscles stopped chewing as he paused with the chopsticks halfway to his lips.

"Oh, god, I'm sorry!" Jun cried gripping her hair. "See? I say things without thinking and I hurt people! That's probably another reason why Matt doesn't like me! I must sicken him! No wonder he chose Psycho Sora instead! She's probably a lot nicer! And she knows how to act feminine too! Not as well as Shortcake, but she's way better at it than me! Is that why my relationships don't last? Are guys really scared off by my behavior? Augh!"

Jun appeared to be on the verge of having a nervous break down.

Just tell me what you want and I'll change! Jun's words from that day in Matt's trailer came sharply back to Tai's memory.

"Don't ever change who you are, Jun," Tai said abruptly. "Don't turn yourself into something you're not just for someone else's sake. Know your true self and don't be ashamed. Maybe… I did like Sora once. But the person I admired isn't there anymore... she's changed into someone unrecognizable."

No more soccer-playing tomboy. No more seeing who could out-belch each other. No more climbing trees or racing bikes. No more trading insults over her stupid hat and his useless goggles. His friend had changed, evolved into a strange creature called female and his feelings along with her. Only she wasn't the same person anymore and he hadn't been sure which version of her he had started to form an attraction to. But now… now it was all becoming clearer.

Jun looked at him and laughed shakily. "You know, you have a real way with words even if they're not true in the slightest. You should forget soccer and go into politics. You'd rock the government right out from under this country's nose."

"Jun…" Tai said, putting the hand that still held his chopsticks down seeing that the girl was trying to change the subject. He hadn't been able to get through to her. "Ah!" he hissed all of a sudden at the pain that flared up in it.

"What's wrong?" Jun asked in a voice that actually sounded concerned.

"Ah, it's the IV needle. It sticks me every time I move my arm," Tai frowned, rubbing his hand lightly over the bandaged spot where the IV was inserted into vein. It had to be his right arm too. Like the hospital staff was trying to make eating their food even more of a torture than it already was. Now, he had a bowl of delicious soup in front of him and it was a trial just getting the noodles to his mouth.

"Such a baby," Jun remarked, her catch-phrase of the day it seemed, and grabbed the bowl of udon and chopsticks from his grasp.

"Hey, what're you doing?" Tai squawked as Jun shoved the chopsticks full of noodles in his face.

"Going by my experience, men who don't eat are grouchy, grouchy, grouchy!" Jun declared. "Plus, I did go out of my way and buy this for you so you better eat every last drop!"

"I thought you said you just happened to be near an udon shop," Tai stated slyly with a smirk.

Jun force-fed him the first mouthful of noodles rather vindictively. Her indignant blush was worth the choking though.

"Taichi-sempai! We're back!" Davis' voice rang out excitedly as the door was pushed open wide to reveal the entire group of Digidestined fresh from their trip around the world. "Merry Christm—AH!"

Tai wasn't sure who was more surprised. Him caught with a mouthful of noodles trailing out of his lips wrapped about the ends of the chopsticks that Jun was holding as she returned everyone's stare coolly and defiantly as if daring anyone to make a comment.

Or the rest of his friends who were gaping bug-eyed at the scene in front of them like they had just stepped into an episode from the Twilight Zone.

It would have continued like that for all eternity, Tai supposed, but Mimi happened to be the only one with sense enough to shut the door to give them privacy.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF GOLEMON WAS THAT?" he heard Davis scream from behind the closed door.

"Hush, we'll tell you when you're older," Mimi's voice drifted through followed by several amused giggles.

Tai swallowed the mouthful of noodles as his and Jun's eyes met.

"You'd think they'd be less surprised by now every time they see us together," Jun stated casually.

"I know right?" Tai agreed. "Seriously."


Tai's Haiku Corner

Tsukimi Udon
Tastes good, but more so by the
Person who feeds you.

To Be Continued…

A/N: Sorry for the long delay in updating. I didn't have Writer's Block. I knew exactly what this chapter was going to have in it and I know where this fic is going to end, however, I have been utterly exhausted these past three weeks by work and any free time I had, my brain was too tired to string sentences together. You know, it's tiring trying to think up the words to type out the scenes in your head just right so everyone can see it the way you do. Agh! So here it is. I really don't know what else to put in this author's note other than Jun and Tai haven't finished their talk yet. It'll come up later along with how they really feel about each other. If you're still wondering, yes, they are both in total denial that the "confession" happened. Maybe Tai will do a more eloquent one in later chaps, ne?^w~

And if you're wondering what the Digidestined are doing back so soon since they only left that morning. Um, you do realize the Digi World Tour arc may have been spread out for us fans for several weeks, but in reality, they were only gone for a couple of hours real time. The show made it clear they were back to celebrate Christmas with their families. Imperialdramon can move in the blink of an eye remember. "Beam me up, Scotty." He's that fast. Don't worry, they'll all relate their adventures to Tai later on. And for those who feel Tai was cheated out of meeting Catherine, remember the fic is not over until the end of 02. And I seem to recall all the DD of the world coming together and Catherine was there too. I'm sure I could handle a little meeting between them. That should make things interesting, hehe^^

Fun Facts: I listened to "What The Hell" by Avril Lavigne during Jun's voicemail message. Hahaha! Who didn't love that? The girl is crazy! XD And during the whole Jun and Tai talking all the way to the end I listened to "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None the Richer. And I'll have you know, I am saving that song for another scene with them much later on, muwahaha! What else inspire me to finally type up this latest chapter? Probably from watching Tangled so many times. Totally not ashamed of admitting that. Oh, and a Japanese drama I'd never seen before. Kurosagi. It's not new, but I'd know I'd love it because Maki Horikita is in it and she's my favorite Japanese actress. X3

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! Please review and share your thoughts and favorite scenes. I love hearing what you liked best and it's the only reward a fanfic author gets. I like knowing what my readers think and feel. Thank you!^^

On to the next chapter With You



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