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No Girls Allowed (Ch. 12, Digific)

Title: No Girls Allowed
Author: Schnickledooger
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Jun keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. Tai is not pleased, especially when it gives his friends the wrong impression. AU Season 02 time-line and events.
Word Count: So far... 57,000+

Ch.1 Revenge

Ch.2 Backfired
Ch.3 The Way To A Man's Heart Is...
Ch.4 Love Is A Jealous Thing
Ch.5 Night Out
Ch.6 Eternal Darkness Of The Cluttered Mind
Ch.7 All The World's A Stage
Ch.8 Elementary, My Dear Jun
Ch.9 The Melancholy Of Taichi Kamiya
Ch. 10 All's Fair In Love And War
Ch.11 So Much For My Happy Ending


Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Toei Animation does.

Ch. 12 Accidentally In Love

Tai awoke in a drowsy and disoriented state. His vision was blurry and for the first few moments he saw nothing but a world of white. His ears appeared to be in perfect working condition however. They picked up the sound of a steady beeping situated somewhere close; of the quiet tap-tappity noise he had learned to recognize over the years of being friends with Izzy of someone typing away at a keyboard; the scratching of a pen against a notepad; the rustle of someone's clothes and the scoot of a chair nearby…

Tai blinked several times and slowly his surroundings came into focus: stark, white ceiling and walls. He was lying on crisp, linen sheets and an automated bed with an IV drip sticking out of his arm. He identified an EKG machine as the culprit for the annoying beeping sound as it steadily monitored his heartbeat from the numerous electrodes he could feel stuck to his chest underneath the material of his gown.

Gown… a hospital gown… he was in a hospital…

That wasn't all too surprising considering what had happened last night. The memory of Matt's concert, the Control Spire, the uninvited Digimon, and the battle that had entailed soon after drifted back rather fuzzy.

At least he assumed it was the day after last night. There weren't any windows that he could see outside. Just a heavy curtain ringed about his bedside. Just how long had he been out?

More importantly, what had happened to Jun?

He had tried to protect her from DarkTyrannomon, but what if he hadn't been fast enough? He tried to sit up a straight in bed and a dull, burning pain flared in his back causing him to hiss and sink back against his pillows finding relief in their soft coolness.

That was when he noticed he was wearing a neck brace. What—?

"So my knight in shining armor has finally caught up on his beauty sleep, has he?" a familiar mocking tone rang out causing Tai's heart to race wildly… and for the EKG machine's sensors to go haywire.

Jun sat in a chair by his bed with her arms crossed looking no worse for wear except for padded bandage taped to her left cheek, faded bruises and dark shadows underneath her eyes as the only other indicators that she had been in the thick of monster fighting.

"You're alive!" Tai exclaimed, a giddy, light-headed sensation sweeping over him almost blocking the abnormal ache in his mouth that had ignited when he spoke.

"And you're lucky to be too, Mr. Foolish Hero Complex!" Jun shouted in an accusatory tone as loudly as she dared, her lips pulled down into a disapproving frown.

"What—wait… you're mad at me for saving your life?" Tai asked in disbelief, wincing at the painful throbbing of his tongue at every word he uttered. It felt like someone had sliced it wide open with a blunt, butter knife.

"Who said I needed saving?" Jun shrilled, her face turning red in either anger or embarrassment or perhaps a combination of both. "I was doing fine on my own, I'll have you know! I took on those Pac-man ghosties all by myself and intimidated that green amoeba thing with my mere presence! I could have dodged that Jurassic Park dino's tail too! But nooo—you had to go acting all Mr. Tough Guy and Superhero and look where that landed you! Is it some badge of bravery to be stuck in the hospital, huh? Does it make you feel good about yourself?"

Tai was beginning to see how Jun dealt with situations. When she liked something, she pursued it relentlessly. When she was happy, she flung her joy around like rainbows jutting off crystal prisms that the sun had touched. When she was upset, she put up a charade of anger and lashed out blindly to hide her concern and fear.

"I'm glad you're alright," he said smiling. "The world… wouldn't be as much fun without you in it."

Jun stared at him unblinking for a couple of seconds as if he had said something extraordinary. Then she glanced at the IV bag hanging to his right and raised an eyebrow. "Just how drugged do they haveyou?" she asked getting up from her seat to check the dosage. "I better get the doctor. They told me to notify them the minute you woke up anyway."

Tai caught her wrist as she turned to leave. "Stay." The word slipped from his lips before he could stop it. He scarcely even knew what he was saying or why. He only knew he didn't want her to go. "Just a bit longer. Stay here… with me."

Twin pink splotches blossomed in Jun's cheeks. "Che," the girl scoffed shaking off his grip. "Men are such babies." But she resettled herself back in the chair nonetheless.

"Where am I?" Tai asked looking around. He couldn't be in his own hospital room. Not with that curtain encircling and closing him within the small allotted space.

"ICU," Jun replied promptly. "They're holding you here until they find out the full extent of your injuries. You weren't conscious last night for them to do anything more than a physical examination."

"And you know this because—?"

"Well, I was in the ER too!" Jun stated defensively. "I was only knocked out for a short while and treated for a concussion. Then they needed personal information about you so I helpfully provided it."

That didn't sound so good. "What kind of information?" Tai pressed.

"Oh, it was just technical stuff like allergies and your blood type. So I told them if you ate crawfish you would break out into hives, that your blood type was B, and that you were the biggest, most idiotic numskull to ever grace this planet."


"Then I asked if I could stay with you and they said only intermediate family in the ICU so I asked if girlfriends count and they wanted proof that I wasn't making all this from the top of head, you know because apparently, I have a lump the size of an ostrich-egg there from Mr. T-Rex and could have been delusional since who the heck would voluntarily want to become your girlfriend with a personality like yours plus let's not go into your wild, bushy hair-style or the fact that it could shelter an entire birdhouse in there, so I told them about that weird birth-mark on your lower left-hip that's shaped like Mickey Mouse's head," Jun declared in one, giant rush of breath. "What? Have you forgotten the Infamous Locker Room Incident?" she explained as Tai gaped at her. "Oh, pay no attention to me, I was up all night and they have a free latte machine out in the hallway."

"You... must have been really worried," Tai stated in wonder.

"Ha! You'd like to think that, wouldn't you!" Jun exclaimed laughing a little over-excitedly. "I was so not! I just wanted to give you a piece of my mind first thing if—when you woke up! You're still not off the hook for not telling me about Matt! You're gonna make all those hours of me needlessly laboring over a hot stove cooking and preparing bentos that he could care less about up to me somehow! I don't care if you really do have a spinal fracture! That excuse is not gonna cut it!"

"W-what?" Tai said feeling like he had just been dealt another blow of DarkTyrannomon's tail. He became acutely aware of the dull pain simmering in his back suddenly.

"I-Ignore me," Jun told him. "That was the coffee talking!"

The loud cracking sound he had heard when he had hit the support column flashed to Tai's remembrance. The powerless feeling of being unable to move…

He found himself wiggling his toes and testing his legs out frantically, the panic diffusing slightly when the muscles responded to the brain signals without any hesitation. Obviously his upper body functions were in working order too if he had managed to grab hold of Jun earlier and that had been no mean feat—the girl was fast.

Gingerly, Tai touched his neck brace. "Isn't this what they put on people who are paralyzed? I can move though… why do I have it on?"

"I had to wear one of those ugly chokers too for awhile," Jun said grimacing. "According to the guys in the white coats, 'in the presence of severe head trauma, cervical fracture must be presumed until ruled out'," she repeated making quotation marks in the air and rolling her eyes. "They clearly don't know how hard-headed we are. I bet they'll remove it once they do some more check-ups on you."

"Maybe… it's not that serious—I don't feel much pain," Tai said shifting his weight around.

"That's because you have so much morphine pumping through your veins it could knock out a camel!" Jun scolded. "And stop moving around and putting pressure on your spine—you'll make it worse!"

"Excuse me, Mom," Tai muttered.

"What was that, eh?" Jun said leaning forward and giving him a light flick in the forehead with her fingers.

"Ow!" Tai yelped, clapping a hand to the sore spot and glaring at her. "Hey, I thought it was an unspoken rule never to injure the injured!"

"Such a baby," Jun sighed shaking her head sadly.


Considering he had thought the Grim Reaper had come for him in the shape of a giant T-Rex last night, Tai thought the day hadn't turned out too bad, even when the doctors came in and informed he had been diagnosed with a Thoracic Compression Fracture, which when translated into common speech, meant that some vertebrae in his upper back had been fractured when DarkTyrannomon had slammed him into the support column.

Good news: The fact that he wasn't experiencing significant numbness or tingling meant that there most likely, the broken vertebrae hadn't pinched any spinal nerves that could cause paralysis. The x-rays, CT, and MRI scans all taken after this pre-evaluation pretty much gave the same assessment.

Even more good news: the medical staff had decided his fracture wasn't severe enough to need surgery and was nothing a bed rest and a back brace couldn't cure.

Bad news: The bed rest consisted of one to three weeks and wearing the brace consisted of six-twelve.

When he had tentatively brought up the issue of soccer, more importantly, the game being held in the Tokyo Soccer Stadium that he was supposed to play in just a few days, he had been met with a resounding, appalled "NO" from the doctors and another flick to the head from Jun.

Which he wished she hadn't done, because after that, the nurse dragged her away by the ear on the grounds that she wasn't helping her patient heal any faster.

Hey, Tai had tried to warn her.

So he had no witness to sign the will he had diligently written out himself once he had been given his own room after all the neurological and image tests were finished. He decided to leave his entire soccer collection to Davis, his Playstation, Nintendo, Gameboy and Wonderswan to Izzy, and generously donated the rest of his homework to Joe. He made a side note for Kari to get rid of some unimportant magazines under his bed and to delete all the history in his computer. (He also scribbled an apology about tearing the stuffing out of her toy rabbit when she was three but then hastily scratched that out deciding it was better if she continued thinking Miko had been the culprit). He didn't have anything he thought Mimi would enjoy so he gave her a bit of friendly advice instead: Dear Mimi, Joe is a great guy. I hope you two will be happy together. Don't be mad at him for taking you on such a lame date to the bookstore. The poor guy's totally new at this. Cut him some slack. P.S. I think your hair looks better natural too. In any case, you won't get nick-named Strawberry Sundae or Shortcake as often.

He paused when he got to Sora and Matt. He hadn't wanted to think about them again so soon, but now he was faced with bidding them a fond farewell before the soccer coach barged into his room and strangled his former star player with his bare, meaty hands. His pen hovered above the blank sheet of paper for several seconds as he waited for inspiration, but no words came to him. Even his divine poetry had fled from him. How the Haiku God had fallen…

Tai discarded the will in disgust as flipped on the tv before he fell into a sulking state. Maybe he could catch the last fifteen minutes of the Power Rangers Arbor Day Special. He was alone with no one around to tease him on still watching kid shows.

Only it wasn't on. Instead it was newscaster giving a report on how several black towers had sprung up overnight all over Japan as well as the rest of the world and bringing more monsters with them.

Tai struggled to push back the drowsy fog that had settled over him from the painkillers as he tried to think clearly. More Control Spires and rogue Digimon… and he was no more informed than the rest of the people who had no knowledge of the Digital World. What was going on?

It was in that instant, he realized he had no idea where his digivice or D-Terminal was. He hoped one of the Digidestined had removed them and not one of the hospital staff. It was crucial they were not to be lost. He had to assume the Digital Sovereigns didn't hand out refunds.

He really didn't have much time to worry about the missing objects though, because then his parents burst into the room acting like he was on Death's doorstep and he had to focus the whole next hour on assuring them he was very much alive and had every intention on continuing to be so for a long, long while yet.

His mother seemed to think he was suffering from a grand case of delusion and kept sympathetically patting the top of his head between hysterical bouts of sobbing in which she apologized for not coming any sooner. Apparently, there had been a power outage on their block and electricity ad phone lines had been restored until several hours later when Kari finally was able to make contact with them and tell them what happened—it seemed she had never made it home either for some reason. Then there had been a mix-up of what hospital exactly he had been taken to and his parents kept asking his forgiveness.

They only calmed down once the doctors had given them the same diagnosis they had told Tai earlier and verified yes, their son was very lucky and that they had seen worse fractures than his before. Then his dad went to sign some papers and Tai was left with his mother who started fussing about the hospital food and how she was going to bring him some good, wholesome homemade meals and Tai had to clamp down on his tongue to refrain from telling her he'd rather starve than die.

That was when he felt the puffy, swollen laceration on his tongue, the reason for his discomfort talking earlier, and discovered one of his back molars was missing. Dimly, he remembered the taste of copper in his mouth after being slammed into the stone column and realized that the force of the blow must have knocked his tooth out as well as him to bite down on his tongue deep enough to cause bleeding. He hoped this wasn't going to affect his chewing much, because he loved eating steak and if he had to give that up, that was going to suck.

The handle to the door turned downward as someone pushed the door open and Tai spent a few, fretful seconds wondering if the coach was mad enough to throttle him in front of his mother and if he should play dead only he wasn't sure if even a corpse would be safe from the coach's wrath.

"Helloooo!" Jun called as she entered the room stopping short when she saw the woman sitting by Tai's bedside. "Oh, you must be Mr. Foolish Hero Complex's mom."

"Hmm?" Yuuko Kamiya blinked in confusion at the unfamiliar visitor.

"Mom, could you leave us alone for awhile?" Tai asked, beads of sweat breaking out across his brow. The last thing he wanted was for Jun to recount the story, complete with her own unique anecdotes, about how he had saved her last night. As far as his mom knew, he had been at Matt's concert and was unfortunate enough to be one of the casualties when the Digimon had attacked. If she found out he had done something as stupid as rescuing the girl whom he was supposedly dating, she was likely to start gushing about true love and destiny and other romantic trash.

Yuuko may not have comprehended the full situation, but she obviously grasped part of it. "Ne, ne, Taichi, she's that girl who always calls you on the phone and you talk to her all night when you think no one notices, isn't she?" his mother whispered to him from behind her hand with a slight giggle.

"Just go already!" Tai shouted feeling his face burn, not caring how disrespectful he sounded.

"Ah, ah, Mama approves," Yuuko said winking at him before getting up, exchanging a nod with Jun on her way out.

"She seems nice," Jun said once the door had closed. "How did she ever spawn a son like you?"

"Why are you still here? I thought they kicked you out."

"I believe the correct term is 'checked out' and they can't. Not until my parents sign papers. It looks like they might have run into the same trouble as yours. It's not just power outages, it's all these black towers and monsters running amok causing panic. People are evacuating the areas they were spotted in and it's causing massive traffic jams and delays, but if you're watching the news you probably know that by now," Jun said eyeing the tv suspiciously. "Hey, isn't that the channel where they show teen dramas and cartoons?"

"Anime," Tai snapped grouchily, switching the tv off. "And I was just flipping through stations and the news bulletin was on, that's all."

"Mmm-hmm, Davis watches that channel all the time," Jun smirked knowingly.

"Is there any particular reason you're sticking around?" Tai asked changing the subject. "I thought you were angry with me."

"Oh, I am," Jun proclaimed narrowing her eyes. "You're a total jerk. I trusted you. I shouldn't have, I know. That was my fault. But I guess I should have realized guys watch each other's backs warn them about 'psychotic, obsessive' girls, huh?"

Tai felt his stomach give a sickening lurch at the familiar quote. "Is that what Matt told you?" he asked.

"You mean the fact that you agreed with him on that point?" Jun snorted sarcastically.

Tai didn't try to deny it. Somewhere down the line their relationship had blurred between enmity and friendship until it had been difficult to remember that the basis of them spending so much time together was nothing more than blackmail plain and simple.

"Well, here it is straight from the horse's mouth: you can tell Matt not to worry about me chasing him anymore. I'm transferring back to my old school. He can rest in peace! Him and you and all of your monster friends!" Jun announced whirling on her heel to go.

Tai stared at the girl's retreating back, a numb kind of fear welling up inside him. He reached out a hand towards her, but she was too far away to grab like before. "Wait," he croaked hoarsely and she stopped just short of the door and turned around to face him a cool mask of indifference, as if she was just being a good sport to hear him out, as if she didn't care what he had to say.

Tai licked dry lips nervously as he searched for something, anything that would make her change her mind, but he was no rhetorician. Where was Democrates when you actually needed a dead Greek philosopher around? Still, he had to try, or he knew he would regret it for the rest of his life.

"I don't think you're psychotic and obsessive at all."

Okay, first attempt going by Jun's unimpressed expression: major fail.

"You're so lying!" Jun shrieked.

"I am not!" Tai protested as the girl glowered at him hostilely in disbelief. "Okay, I am, but that's not the point! That's part of the reason why I like you!"


"What?" Tai echoed as the realization of what he had just said slowly filtered to his brain.

Jun was staring at him wide-eyed her face having lost all its color. Her mouth kept opening and closing as she tried to form words, but no sound was emitting.

"Like!" Tai yelped mortified, struggling to explain. "As in how an astronaut likes space or a confectioner likes his cakes or—oh, shut up, you traitor!" he roared at the EKG machine that was monitoring his heartbeat and had begun beeping at an alarmingly fast pace.

Damn the morphine for loosening his tongue and dulling his senses that he had let his guard drop! Well, actually that wasn't true. His sudden proclamation had surprised him too.

They stared at each other in a stifling, uncomfortable, awkward silence that seemed to stretch for eons… then there came an almost inaudible knock at the door before it swung open slowly revealing the faces of four familiar people who looked into the room hesitantly as if afraid of what they might find.

Joe, Izzy, Davis and Kari.

Tai's blanched at the sight of them. He sincerely hoped they hadn't heard his confession mere moments before—oh my god, he had freaking confessed to girl. In a hospital bed. In nothing but a hospital gown. He suddenly wished DarkTyrannomon had eaten him after all, because it would probably be even more embarrassing for him to give into the urge to crawl under the covers and never come out until adolescence had passed him by.

"Tai!" Kari gasped in relief at seeing her brother awake, his visage stark in contrast to what he had looked like the night before. Rushing over quickly, she restrained herself from throwing her arms around him and hugging him breathless—she still didn't know how bad his injuries were—and settled for slipping her hand into his. "You're alright!"

That was a matter of opinion, Tai thought.

"Prodigious!" Izzy exclaimed, the worry receding from his face as he gave him a thumbs up and turned to Joe. "See, I told you he'd be fine."

"But, you were coughing up blood…" Joe said looking at Tai, still not entirely convinced.

"Bit my tongue," Tai mumbled feeling the heat pool in his cheeks as he glanced sideways out of the corners of his eyes at Jun still frozen by the doorway.

"Why are you here?" Davis, who had been oddly quiet all this time, asked his sister harshly.

"Excuse me, twerp?" Jun cried snapping out of her daze. "What's with that rude tone?"

"Go away! You don't belong here!" Davis shouted at her angrily.

"Oh, I see, planning more of your monster meetings are you? Am I interrupting?" Jun replied mockingly. "Maybe I should sit in as an uninterested, neutral third party and give you all advice since last night proved how completely incompetent your little beastie friends are at tactics—"


Davis' words seemed to vibrate off the walls. Jun stared at her brother startled by his violent exclamation before looking up and locking gazes with Tai. Something dawned in her eyes, a revelation known only to her, and a small, unrecognizable sound tumbled past her lips. It was a low, keening cry full of anguish that was quickly smothered as the girl turned and fled from the room.

"That wasn't nice, Davis," Tai said finally understanding. Jun had been ashamed. Ashamed that she had gotten him injured and had hidden it behind her anger. She was angry at him and had every right to be, but she was ashamed as well that he was stuck in a hospital because of her and Davis had shoved all the built-up guilt right in her face.

"Y-yeah? Well, she wasn't nice either! The hospital room was empty where she was supposed to be in and no one knew where was and she could have been d-dead… Mom and Dad are frantic looking everywhere for her and she's in here being as mean and snotty as usual!" Davis yelled his voice cracking in half as his shoulders started to shake uncontrollably.

"Davis," Kari said softly, her hand sliding out of her brother's grip as she went over to place her arms around the boy in gentle embrace. "It's okay—it's natural to be worried about your siblings…"

Only it wasn't, Tai realized. Not for Davis. His and Jun's relationship was far different from the rest of the Digidestined who had brothers or sisters. It must be a completely new experience for him and Davis was clueless on how to deal with it or how he should feel about it.

Davis turned away from them all as he tried to discreetly rub his eyes and with the exception of Kari who never took her arms from around him, they all pretended not to notice.

"So what's the diagnosis they have you in here for?" Izzy asked him going over to his bedside.

"Fractured spine," Tai admitted. "Apparently, I was lucky enough to not break my legs and I still won't be able to play the last game of the season."

"Are they… par—?" Joe trailed off.

"Nope, I can move 'em," Tai said raising one knee up slightly from beneath the sheets. "I'm just going to be out of commission for the next couple of weeks."

"Ah, well, I didn't think you'd be well enough to go today anyway," Joe stated as if a puzzle had been solved.

"What do you mean? Where is everyone else?" Tai asked glancing around finding it strange and feeling a bit miffed that the others hadn't come. Not even Sora. Or Matt. Some best friends he had.

"It's not that they don't care—they all wanted to come," Izzy spoke up as if reading his mind. "But they're waiting in the park by Tokyo Bay for us to come back. We couldn't leave without checking up on you first."

"Leaving?" Tai repeated confused.

"Have you heard yet about all the Control Spires popping up all over the world?" Izzy asked.

Tai nodded.

"The portals to the Digital World where they came out have all closed so we have to go to each of their locations and open it with D-3," Izzy explained. "We're splitting up the teams. Each of us older Digidestined are going with one of the younger kids—well, except for T.K. He's going to Paris alone since you can't come, but he says he'll be alright, his granddad lives there."

"So, in other words, you guys get to go off on your world-tour leaving me alone and defenseless against a murderous soccer coach, did I get all that right?" Tai asked slightly irritated at himself for missing out on all the fun, although rampaging monsters terrifying innocent civilians should hardly be described as fun. Still, it was a chance to see other countries and he was going to miss it.

"Don't worry, I'm sure Agumon will protect you," Izzy laughed.

"Agumon!" Tai exclaimed as if a cloud had been brushed away from his brain. Then he felt terrible. He hadn't so much as given him a single thought all day—Agumon who had saved him. What a wonderful partner he was turning out to be. "Where is he? Is he alright?"

"He's staying over at Mr. Ishida's house," Izzy shared. "It was Matt's suggestion. I offered my place since my mom figured out about the whole Digimon-being-back thing watching the news, but Matt insisted. Mr. Ishida understands about Digimon too, so he'll take care of him until we get back."

Agumon wouldn't be any use without him, Tai realized with some chagrin and felt the first stirrings of contempt and disgust for his injury overtake him.

"It shouldn't take that long," Izzy continued on talking. "Not since Imperialdramon can travel really fast."


"Paildramon's Mega form," Davis proclaimed turning back around to face them all with a proud expression, his whites of his eyes tinged red. "He digivolved today when Gennai gave us power from one of Azulongmon's Digi Cores!"

"Gennai? Digi Cores?" Tai's head was buzzing and dizziness swamped his senses all of a sudden. There was an annoying echo in the room…

"We'll explain later. Get some rest, Tai," Joe said spotting the fatigue that his friend was fighting. "The others will be glad to hear you're doing alright. You gave us all a scare last night."

"Kari," Tai said as his sister came to say good-bye. "Tell Agumon… he's the best partner in the whole, entire Digital World."

A smile broke out across Kari's face. "That will mean more to him than you know," she said promising she would.

"We better go. It's getting later every minute," Izzy said checking his watch.

Even with the medication causing extreme drowsiness and staving off most of the pain didn't douse the insane urge he had to rip the evil contraption off his friend's wrist and smash it against the wall. The only thing that stopped Tai was that his limbs felt too heavy at the moment and doubted he'd be fast enough to succeed.

"Yeah, we have to go save the world now! See you, sempai! Davis yelled excitedly. "Woo-hoo!"

Unabashed little bragger, Tai thought as lifted a sluggish hand to return the farewell his friends and sister were waving from the doorway.

Then they were gone and he was alone and there were no more distractions to obstruct him from remembering what a complete fool he had made of himself spewing out a confession to Jun who had just been rejected by someone she had confessed to the night before.

He didn't even know if she liked him back.

Heck, he hadn't even known he had liked her like that! But he must have, otherwise he never would have put himself in such a humiliating position.

Or would he? Maybe it had just been the effect of the morphine that had made him say that. Maybe he had been around her so long in so close a proximity tangled up in her wild schemes to snare Matt he had developed an unhealthy attraction to her—something similar to Stockholm Syndrome.

But that was merely wistful thinking, he knew. He was caught—hook, line and sinker by Jun Motomiya and what was crazy was that he didn't mind at all.


Tai's Haiku Corner

Whatever future
Comes, I'll not regret telling
You I'm glad we met.

To Be Continued....

A/N: Wow, another chapter and I'm just as surprised as you guys. I hadn't expected Tai to confess this early! Don't you just love it when the characters take hold of the story and practically write it themselves? Oh, and I heard you know you're addicted to a fic if you start imagining scenarios between updates because you're too impatient to wait for the newest chapter. I mean, that's normal for me, I'm the author, but I wonder is that's true for some of you readers? Kekeke! X3

I had to research on spinal fractures before I posted this to make sure I was getting facts straight. There's a lot more different types than I thought and all of them vary on how the fracture can be caused and how serious it can be and where it's located in the spinal cord. I don't feel like reciting everything. I chose the Thoracic Compression Fracture because according to every website I looked up, it is the most common injury to the spine and pretty stable compared to the other types. It is also one of the few spinal fractures that you can avoid surgery if the injury wasn't too great. I was also going to have stitches on Tai's tongue, only when I did my research on that, apparently it really hurts to talk with those and you have to eat nothing but a baby food diet and the stitches don't come out for weeks. I also learned that the tongue is one of the fastest healing organs in the body and a cut can heal pretty quickly, so I just left it alone. Besides, I wanted Jun and Tai to have their talk. It's fun to write them banter with each other!^^ I give credit where it's due: one of my reviewers, Alex Warlorn left such a insightful review on ch.11 about Jun and Tai I couldn't resist paraphrasing it here when Jun's telling Tai what a jerk he is and Tai realizes how complicated their relationship is.

You know it's weird. Most anime love giving the birthdates and blood types of their characters, but Digimon is the exception I found out. I even tried cheating and looking up the V-Tamers manga which is an alternate universe of Digimon but Tai is still a main character. I figured they had given the characters blood types in their bios. They had… everyone single one except TAI! DX So I just looked up Japanese Blood Types in Wikipedia and decided from the personality traits shown on the chart that Tai was Type B and Jun may be Type O. Matt is definitely Type AB I think and Sora could be Type A. I'm still deciding over everyone else, but Davis is Type B too, haha! I took a blood type personality quiz to find out what I was: apparently, I'm the "loose canon" Type AB. I switch moods a lot—that's true. So looks like I'm stuck in the same square as Matt. XD Look it up, try it out yourselves—it's fun!

Fun Facts: This fic has now finally received more stats than Reboot. Whoa. And out of all the chapters I have written so far, Ch. 6 has twice as many hits showing up on my stats. I take it you all like to go back and reread the Haiku God's Divine Poetry, ne?^w~ And like I said before in the interlude, this fic is far from over. This story follows the 02 timeline remember? We got a ways to go yet. Music to listen to while reading this chapter? Can the title be any less obvious? Accidentally In Love by Counting Crows all the way!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! Please review and share your thoughts and favorite scenes. I love hearing what you liked best and it's the only reward a fanfic author gets. I like knowing what my readers think and feel. Thank you!^^

On to the next chapter Just To Let You Know I Care



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Wolfram is FULL OF WIN! XD XD!

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