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No Girls (Digific, Ch. 10)

Title: No Girls Allowed
Author: Schnickledooger
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Jun keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. Tai is not pleased, especially when it gives his friends the wrong impression. AU Season 02 time-line and events.
Word Count: So far... 40,000+

Ch.1 Revenge

Ch.2 Backfired
Ch.3 The Way To A Man's Heart Is...
Ch.4 Love Is A Jealous Thing
Ch.5 Night Out
Ch.6 Eternal Darkness Of The Cluttered Mind
Ch.7 All The World's A Stage
Ch.8 Elementary, My Dear Jun
Ch.9 The Melancholy Of Taichi Kamiya


Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Toei Animation does.

A/N: Definition of Japanese terms below after chapter. (Oh, and this chapter doesn't have a "Very Digi-Christmas" in it, sorry).

Ch. 10 All's Fair In Love And War

As much time as it had taken Tai to realize he might like Sora as more as a friend, it didn't take half as long for him to realize that Matt might feel the same way towards her. The fact that Jun had already pointed out that Sora already was reciprocal to the blonds' feelings was like pouring salt on an open wound.

It was maddeningly sickening to watch them in action. The manner in which they both cautiously danced around the other resembled something faintly like that of a pair of birds' pre-mating ritual. In fact, the two seemed to have forgotten how to talk normally to each other.

In homeroom…

He had a front row seat to watch the play unfold.

"Hey, do you have a pencil I could borrow?" Matt asked, turning around in his chair to Sora who was seated behind him. "I seem to have lost mine."

"Y-yes," Sora squawked, a nervous giggle escaping out from her mouth before she could stop it. Her cheeks flushed a brilliant, crimson-red as his hand touched hers to take the offered pencil.

"Thanks…" Matt said slowly as if searching for something else to say and coming up with nothing. So he ended up simply staring at Sora for the next ten seconds in an awkward silence doing quite a good impression of a goldfish while the girl turned even redder under his gaze.

"Eyes to the front, Mr. Ishida," the teacher warned. "And close your mouth. If you get drool all over the textbook, you'll have to pay to replace it."

The entire class erupted into a fit of laughter and Matt's neck swung around so fast it was wonder he didn't get whiplash.

In Math class…

Tai soon found himself unspoken-appointed mediator between the two somehow.

"Go ask Okuda's group what they think of this problem," Matt told him during Calculus where they were learning Venn diagrams.

"You mean the group Sora's in?" Tai inquired glancing over. The class was composed into six groups of threes, his and Matt's being the only exception with two people instead.

"It would be helpful to get a second opinion," was Matt's excuse.

"What's wrong with mine?"

"Get real. The only diagrams you understand are soccer."

Ouch. Was there really any need to be so… true?

"Why don't you go ask then?"

"Just do it!"

Then Matt shoved him hard out of his chair.

Spineless jerk, Tai thought rubbing his bruised side where he had been pushed. "Oi," he said wandering over to Okuda's group. "Are you guys having any luck understanding this stuff?"

"Well, have you two made a tree of the various number systems to show their relations?" Okuda inquired.

"Umm… no?" Tai guessed barely comprehending what was just said.

"Find out which sets of numbers are subsets of other numbers," Sora spoke up. "In particular, separate the real numbers into two mutually exclusive sets: the set of rational numbers and the set of irrational numbers. And remember, each set is infinite."

"O…kay," Tai said, his eyes glazing over slightly and returning to his and Matt's desks.

"Well, what'd she say?" Matt demanded impatiently as he sat down.

"Something about… relations being rational and irrational," Tai said, struggling to grasp his mind around the language of math speech.

"Irrational… relations?" Matt cried appearing horrified and a little frightened. "That was her answer?"

"And also that the set is always infinite," Tai finished, quite proud to have remembered that much.

"The set is always infinite," Matt breathed, a stupid, dreamy grin filtering over face. "That's beautiful!"

Tai really didn't want to know. He had always suspected math was a terminal disease that preyed upon the brain.


Matt and Sora's whatever-it-was may have been developing slowly, but other events were unfolding at an incredibly rapid rate.

Like Jun joining Odaiba High's tv production club. Well, more like hijacking it if you had questioned any of its members. Chizuru Hidaka, the main anchor-girl, could be heard tearfully protesting her abrupt removal from the tv spotlight all throughout the halls. Not only had Jun stolen her post, she had also canceled out the "Ohayo Gozaimasu!" report that aired in the morning before homeroom started and replaced it with another segment that showed during lunch time called "Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts!" Wild speculation and rumors ran rampant on just how she had managed to enact a hostile take-over of the tv production club, blackmail being the most popular theory. Based on his own experience, Tai was sure some embarrassing photos of the club members were involved. Blackmail or not, "Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts!" was a massive success. It was a kind of game show version of Truth or Dare in which students submitted fellow classmates' names on cards with the question they wanted them to answer on the back in a drop-box in the school office. The drawing would be done in secret and later that day, the tv production club would ambush the poor, unsuspecting person while they were eating lunch and pounce on them forcing them to play. As long as the victim wasn't you, it was extremely hilarious to see people perform some embarrassing act or answer an embarrassing question. However, the fun didn't stop there. Apparently, to stave off fluent liars, Jun had assembled a jury composed up of three people (different each time so no one would know who to bribe and let them off the hook) who were there to evaluate through eye movement and body motions if the person was lying or not. Four times out of five, the person would crack down and confess under the pressure.

Tai enjoyed watching it as much as the next person. If anything, it at least provided him with a distraction against Sora and Matt's inept flirting and gave him respite from Jun's visitations while he was trying to eat his bento in peace. He could relax, look at the tv hanging on the wall in the classroom and laugh at everyone's amusing antics.

"Konnichiwa, Odaiba High!" Jun chirped merrily as her visage appeared upon the screen, the microphone held up close to her mouth. "Who's ready for another episode of 'Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts!'?"

Enthusiastic cheering broke out in classroom 2-B and through the open door, more rejoicing could be heard from other classrooms on the floor.

"Hai, hai, everyone!" Jun cried, waving as if she could hear them (and she probably could). "Commence with the drawing, Yusuke-san!"

The camera shifted angles and zoomed in on Jun's assistant, a second-year boy with scruffy bangs obscuring his eyes, looking more like a sheepdog in a school uniform than a student. Dipping his hand into the box on the table in front of him, he rummaged around for a few seconds before pulling out a card only to freeze in his tracks when he started to read the name.

"Hurry and tell us, Yusuke! We only get fifteen minutes, remember. Don't disappoint our fans!" Jun coaxed the boy.

Yusuke peered fuzzily from beneath his bangs first at the camera then at Jun before handing the card to her so she could understand the delicate situation better.

"Eh?" Jun exclaimed blinking several times in surprise at the name she was seeing. "Yamaguchi Seiji?"

A flurry of whispers broke out in the classroom at the sound of Odaiba High's principal's name.

"Who would dare enter Yamaguchi-sensei's name into the draw-box?"

"It's a joke. It has to be!"

"Ah, ah, someone just wanted to test Motomiya's resilience, that's all."

"You don't think she'll really do it, do you?"

"Omigosh, look! They're heading for the teacher's lounge!" someone squealed excitedly pointing at the screen showing the tv production club made as they made their way down the hallway of the first floor and pushed open a door to reveal the teaching staff of Odaiba High seated around a long, rectangular table with assorted lunches spread out.

"Ai-ya, she's going to go through with it after all!" one girl screeched in awe.

"How brave!" cried her friend clasping her hands together dramatically.

"Ne, your girlfriend's got guts, Kamiya," one guy remarked, nudging him with his elbow.

Tai didn't bother correcting him on the incorrect labeling of Jun as his girlfriend. The time had long passed since anyone would believe otherwise. Heck, sometimes his and Jun's relationship confused even himself.

"Hey, you don't think she'll get into trouble?" he asked Matt who was watching beside him.

"Maybe you'll get lucky and the question she asks will get her suspended," Matt said in an effort to cheer him up.

Tai wondered why the thought didn't make him as happy as it should have.

"Yamaguchi-senseeeei!" Jun drawled out stepping lightly over to the principal where he sat with a mouthful of instant ramen noodles dangling from his chopsticks having been caught off guard by the students' intrusion. "You have been selected to play in 'Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts!' Congratulations! Tell us, which do you choose: truth or dare?"

Silence reigned supreme for several, suspenseful seconds. Tai's classmates waited with bated breath as they stared at the tv and inside the teacher's lounge, the teachers looked on with dumb-founded expressions at the sheer audacity of the girl.

Yamaguchi-sensei chewed his mouthful of noodles, swallowed once, and took a sip from his steaming cup of green tea before turning his attention towards his assailant.

"Truth," he stated, leaning back in his chair with a crooked grin that seemed to say that he had been in the line of school business for so long that he was no longer fazed by any pranks that students could play on him.

The energy in classroom 2-B hummed through the air like an animated bee.

"Yamaguchi-sensei took the bait!" someone shrieked.

"Waaaah, best episode ever!"

"Shh, Motomiya-san's talking!"

"Yamaguchi-sensei, your question is…" Jun read, turning the card over so she could see what was printed on it. "Do you have a crush on Ichikawa-sensei?"

Collective gasps of shocked horror were drawn all over the school.

"Ah, she's dead, she's so dead, dead, dead!" wailed one girl.

"Yamaguchi-sensei will cancel the show for this!"

"Run, Motomiya-san!" someone yelled at the tv.

"I have to remind you, Yamaguchi-sensei, that you have one chance to change to dare if you so wish before you answer," Jun explained seemingly oblivious to the hornet's nest she had just poked with a stick.

The camera showed Yamaguchi-sensei sitting in his chair rigid but stone-faced before switching over to poor Ichikawa-sensei, the art teacher, who was blushing to the roots of her hair pulled back into a tight bun.

"No… no," Yamaguchi-sensei replied slowly. "There's no need. I will answer truthfully. Crush… is such a strong word though. I will say that I admire all of my teachers here and are very proud of their credentials and work, and to single one out individually would not be fair. Neither would pursuing them be… professional."

The teachers were all nodding through heads in agreement as they listened to the principal's reasoning while Ichikawa-sensei's shoulders were drooping slightly in what seemed disappointment.

"However…" Yamaguchi-sensei continued hastily, seeing the woman's sadness. "Every teacher I have appointed has excellent skills and I will admit that I have been attracted to Ichikawa-sensei's wonderful paintings and clay-models more than I expected…"

Ichikawa batted hopeful, big brown doe-eyes at him and the man stumbled over his own words.

"Well, I mean they're spectacular—the craftsmanship and brush strokes are just… amazing! And… Ichikawa does possess a certain ethereal glow about her when she's engaged with another one of her works…"

"Yamaguchi-sensei," Ichikawa-sensei breathed softly. "I think the manner in which you run this school is full of charisma and discipline!"

"R-really?" Yamaguchi-sensei said, his chest puffing out a little bit as he fiddled with the top button of his jacket in a pleased fashion.

"Umm, did he ever answer the question?" Jun wondered out loud, tapping her finger to her chin thoughtfully.

"Yes," the Truth Jury, three third-year girls Tai recognized as Jun's classmates, sighed dreamily.

"Hai, hai! This has been another episode of 'Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts!' everyone!" Jun sung as the tv production club left the teacher's lounge (and it's now-flabbergasted inhabitants) behind. "Who's enjoyed it today?"

Wild cheers and applause erupted in Tai's classroom and loud echoes of it reverberated all throughout the school.

"You rock, Motomiya!" shouted a member of the baseball club—incidentally, the same guy Jun had decked out cold with her backwards fist earlier that semester.

"I have to admit, even though she still terrifies the living daylights out of me and I think she's completely crazy, she can handle a tough situation," Matt confessed. "She would make a good reporter, I guess."

"Well, I have a special surprise for you all!" Jun said on screen giggling slightly. "Today 'Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts!' will host its first double whammy! That's right—before we go off air, one more contestant will play the game!"

Tai was beginning to get a headache from the noise his classmates were making. They couldn't get enough of the show, especially with today's epic episode. His heart went out to whatever unfortunate person would be the tv production club's next victim.

He thought it a little strange when Yusuke held out the draw-box to Jun instead of drawing out the name himself like he usually did.

He got a severe case of chills when Jun grinned diabolically straight at the camera, her brown eyes gleaming mischievously as she reached her hand in and pulled out a card.

What was she…?

"Oho!" Jun cried in a tone that Tai had learned to tell was false surprise as she glanced at the name. "Shall I read their name out now or shall we play a game of Sneak Attack on this one?"

"Sneak Attack! Sneak Attack! Sneak Attack!" the class chanted madly. The students' mantra all over the school was loud enough to be heard echoing on the tv.

"The masses have spoken! Onward!" Jun proclaimed, striking a dramatic pose with her finger pointing forward before taking off rapidly down the hallway leaving the cameraman and crew to follow hurriedly after.

"Hey," Sora spoke up in consternation. "It looks like they're headed for—"

"Greetings, classroom 1-B!" Jun shouted salutations as the tv production crew crashed through the doors of one of the first-year classrooms below. "Is there a Mimi Tachikawa present?"

"Oh no!" Sora said clapping her hand to her mouth in dismay.

Mimi's startled expression resembling that of a deer in headlights was caught on camera along with her biting into a pastry before the focus zoomed in on her mouth when she ran her tongue over her upper lip to wipe off a coat of fine powdery sugar that was blotting over her shiny, pink lip-gloss.

"God, I want to be that pastry!" one boy exclaimed feverishly and several other males voiced their agreement.

"I wonder who submitted her name?" Matt questioned.

"Sort of suspicious that Jun drew her name out of everybody else's," Tai commented, having a hard time forgetting Jun's devilish grin like she had known what the card would say beforehand.

"Who cares? Thank you, God!" whooped another male classmate.

"Mimi Tachikawa, we're happy to have you on 'Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts!' today!" Jun declared seating herself on top of the girl's desk. "Congratulations for being lucky!"

By Mimi's red-face though, Tai thought she might have her own opinions about her luck.

"Your fans want to know, Tachikawa-san," Jun began, flipping the card over to read the back. The girl paused for one breath, looking up and shooting a searching gaze at the camera as if sending a silent message. Tai hated the fact that he knew instantly it was for him. "What is your type of ideal man?" she asked.

"W-w-what?" Mimi squeaked turning even redder.

The boys in 2-B were practically climbing the walls with joy.

"Yes, tell us, Mimi-san, tell us!" they shouted exuberantly at the tv screen.

"Poor Mimi," Sora said shaking her head. "That Jun! She has no shame—putting people on the spot like this! It's humiliating to even watch!"

"It's not like Jun's picking on her on purpose," Tai said in what was a surprisingly noble gesture on his part considering he totally thought she had cheated drawing Mimi's name somehow. "It's all a game of chance drawing the names."

"Are you actually standing up for her?" Sora demanded angrily. "What if she Sneak Attacked you on the show one day?"

On tv, Mimi looked like she wished the ground would swallow her whole. She had been surrounded on all sides by her fellow classmates eager not to miss a word of what she would say.

"Well, speak up, Tachikawa-san!" Jun said, patting her gently on the arm. "Don't keep us waiting! Tell us! Are you attracted to the studious, A-student, glasses type?" Jun aimed another searching gaze and diabolical grin at the camera. "Or do you prefer the athletic, sportsy type of guy? Hmmm?"

So that was what Jun was up to. No doubt she thought she was doing Tai a favor by forcing the girl she assumed he liked to reveal her tastes in guys. He supposed that if he really did like Mimi that way he would feel very grateful. As it was, his secret desire at the moment was to get his hands on Cupid, tear off his wings, snap all his arrows in half, and use his bow as a slingshot to send the evil chibi-angel deity down to the Underworld so he could never torment another soul with this twisted emotion known as love. It had done nothing but complicate his life.

"I… I…" Mimi stuttered, clenching her hands into small fists that shook nervously.

Jun leaned forward holding the microphone out to her impatiently.

"I choose dare!" Mimi shrieked.

Mutual groans of disappointment flooded the classroom.

"Smart, Mimi, very smart," Sora applauded her friend on tv smiling. "That's what I call outfoxing someone at their own game, because nothing Jun makes her do can be anymore embarrassing than answering that question."

Okay, Sora obviously underestimated the very persona that made up Jun Motomiya, Tai thought.

Jun was pouting, clearly annoyed that her plans had gone awry. Then a familiar, diabolical grin slid back onto her face as her mind dredged up another sly scheme from within its devious depths.

"Hai, hai, Tachikawa-san, I respect your privacy, of course," Jun nodded very understandably. "So in return, your dare will be..." here Jun tilted her head and whispered instructions into the girl's ear.

"WHAT?" Mimi exclaimed looking absolutely mortified. "Why would you want me to—"

"Now, now, Tachikawa-san, let's not ruin the surprise for our viewers!" Jun tsk-ed, waggling a reprimanding finger at her.

"I changed my mind! I'll tell the truth!" Mimi said frantically, appearing terrified at the prospect of doing whatever the dare was.

"No going back once you switch choices!" Jun stated firmly before turning to her captive audience. "Let's give her a boost of confidence, everyone! Dare! Dare! Dare!"

"Dare! Dare! Dare!" the students cried, picking up the chant.

It looked as if the saying "peer pressure is a dangerous thing" held true for only after a few more moments of this, Mimi stood up from her chair, her face now a pasty-white complexion and walked stiffly out of the classroom as in the manner of someone marching to the gallows to be hung.

"Where is she going?" Sora wondered.

"What's she doing?" Matt asked, scratching his head puzzled.

Tai had a sudden, horrible foreboding feeling as he watched the camera follow Mimi's progress up the stairway to the second floor. He leaped out of his seat and raced for the doorway, wishing he had stayed home and played sick today. He couldn't believe Jun! He couldn't believe that he already had figured out the dare Jun had told Mimi to do.

He couldn't believe he hadn't escaped in time. He thought he was faster than that.

He collided into Mimi as she stepped in front of his classroom's doorway just as he tried to leave it. They stared at each other wide-eyed for several seconds before Mimi looked away ashamed, color creeping back into her cheekbones.

"I-I… I'm sorry, Tai," Mimi apologized in a voice low enough only he could hear, sounding utterly wretched.

Then she leaned up on tip of her toes and gave him a quick peck on the cheek before dashing away with a choked sob.

"Mimi!" Sora called out pushing past him and rushing after her.

The tv production club had caught it all on film of course. The students ate up the drama like candy.

"Kyaaa, Tachikawa-san kissed Kamiya!"

"A new rival has entered the fray!"

"The Love Square has become the Love Pentagon!"

"How does Taichi-sensei do it? HOOOOW?" howled one boy pounding his fist on the desk in frustration.

"It's the hair, dude, it's the hair," his friend said. "It's sheer animal magnetism. The chicks can't resist a guy with a head of hair like a lion's mane."

"I'm throwing myself out the window if my name ever gets drawn," Matt vowed solemnly coming up beside Tai to lay a consoling hand on his shoulder.


"That was a particularly cruel thing of you to do today," Tai told Jun when she called him at home later that evening.

"Eh? I thought you'd be happy to get a kiss from your crush," Jun said. "I was even nice enough to let it only be a little one on the cheek so you can share your real first kiss somewhere else later."

"It wasn't fair to Mimi. She was really upset about it."

"She was just embarrassed at kissing you in public with so many people watching. Maybe it was a bit much but she needed a little push to get her in the right direction."

"Has it ever occurred to you that maybe she does actually like someone else and feels like she betrayed them now?"

"You mean Glasses-san?"

"It could be Joe or it could be someone I don't know. Either way, you can't force someone to like you. If they do, they'll tell you when they're ready."

"Well then, either Shortcake's going to have to confess to you herself or give up, because you have feet flatter than a duck when it comes to matters of love."

"Don't talk to me about love!" Tai burst out glad he was alone in his room on his cell phone (that Jun had apparently pilfered the number off someone).

He was sick of thinking about it, about these newfound feelings for Sora and tired of trying to ignore them. He didn't want to be reminded of even the littlest things: the way his heart picked up speed when the sunlight got caught in her hair and transformed it from coppery-brown to strawberry-blond; when she quirked up one corner of her mouth in small smile; of the way her eyes sparkled when she had just won a game of tennis or one of their verbal disputes… or whenever she looked at Matt.

"Why not? I am your girlfriend you know," Jun teased him. "Who better to give you advice than me?"

"That can work both ways, so here's my two bits," Tai replied tersely. "If you want even the tiniest, slimmest possibility of you and Matt ever happening, don't ever draw his name on 'Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts!' alright?"

"Oh my, no!" Jun gasped at the idea. "I don't Matt and my precious moments together spoiled by a bunch of spectators like we're animals in a zoo! I want it to be somewhere in private in a romantic setting! Tell him not to worry!"

Matt would probably worry even more if he repeated all that to him.

"That was no accident, you drawing Mimi's name today. How'd you do it?" Tai inquired curiously.

"I wrote her name and question on a card myself," Jun admitted gleefully. "Hid it up the sleeve of my uniform and acted like I had drawn it out by chance."

"Now I know why I always lose to Davis at Poker."

"The little twerp is almost as good at cheating as me."

"I'm gonna watch him like a hawk next time we play cards," Tai promised.

"Speaking of watching, do you think I'll be any good? As a reporter?" Jun asked.

"Forget being a reporter. You should start your own talk show," Tai stated surprised that he meant it. "Judging by the school's reaction, your ratings would be up in the millions!"

Jun laughed—an infectious, bubbly laugh. "I bet you say that to all your girlfriends!"

"No, really, even Matt said you'd make a good reporter," Tai shared.

"Matt said that?" Jun cried sounding touched. "This is a sign that he's accepted my choice of career! Now I can make the next move and get closer to him!"

"Wait, what's the next move?" Tai asked apprehensively.

He didn't receive an answer. "Ooh, dinner! Gotta go!" Jun said. "Later, bye!"

Tai told himself he was annoyed at the conversation being cut short rather than Jun not addressing him by his name… again.


Message left for Tai on D-Terminal. Not found until bedtime.

My band and I are putting together a special concert in a couple of weeks for Christmas Eve. I'm sending everyone tickets. Yours and Kari's should come in the mail in the next day or so.

You were right about me avoiding Jun all the time. I'm going to tell her the truth how feel about her next time she corners me. Strangely enough, it was Jun's show at school that made me motivated. It must have been all those truth or dares people suffered through. They didn't like the situation they were put in, but they were liberated afterwards.

P.S. What kind of gel do you use for your hair? :o


Message left for Matt. Not found until morning.

That should be fun. Take it easy on Jun when you have it out with her. Try and let her down gently, okay?

Cause she's psychotic and obsessive.

P.S. It's called In Your Dreams All Natural Not For Blond Rock Stars and it's owned and copyrighted by your truly. XP



Tai's Haiku Corner

Cupid flies around
Like an annoying bug
Flyswatter squish-time!

To Be Continued…

A/N: Definition of Japanese terms below:

Ohayo Gozaimasu: "Good morning". This is more polite to use than Konnichiwa.

Konnichiwa: It literally means "Good afternoon" but people use it as a greeting to say "Hello" as well. This is casual speech compared to Ohayo Gozaimasu.

Hai: This word has a lot of meanings. Firstly, you can use it to say "yes" or "okay". You can also use it to say "present" when your teacher is taking attendance.

Sorry, no Digi-Christmas this fic! I didn't expect Jun's game show to take up the whole chapter. But it just didn't feel right going into Ep.38 head-on without more Matt/Sora hints. See, Toei? If you had shown just a little bit of chemistry between the two earlier on instead of after they were already together, the couple would have seemed more believable. Anyway, yes, the Christmas concert will be next chapter. I did warn you guys it might not be for two chapters though, so please don't get mad. I tried to have this one out by Valentine's Day, if you hadn't noticed, but I didn't make it. Oh well. Ah, I feel bad for Mimi. She's been set up by me to be the scapegoat for Tai's crush on a girl and Jun hasn't realized the correct one yet. She's going to get a rude awakening next chapter.

Fun Facts: Jun's game show, "Fact or Fiction—Brave Hearts!" was inspired by the tv production club in the Japanese drama, Nobuta wo Produce, where they ambushed unsuspecting students during lunch time and rated the bento they were eating. If you were a guy and you were eating a bento your girlfriend made you, you had better hope it tasted good otherwise the entire school would know what a terrible cook she was. XD If you had brought a fixed lunch from a store, your reputation would be at stake on your choice of food as well as not being capable of making your own bento. Japanese high school dramas can be really funny. I think the closest thing we have to them is the Disney channel live action shows, only Japan makes theirs PG-13/T not G/K so the older kids can enjoy them.

And I got more reviews for the last "somber" chapter than I did for the more humorous ones. Go figure. (That means next chapter, I will get swamped by reviews!)^w~

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! Please review and share your thoughts and favorite scenes. I love hearing what you liked best and it's the only reward a fanfic author gets. I like knowing what my readers think and feel. Thank you!^^

On to next chapter So Much For My Happy Ending



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