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No Girls Allowed (Digific, Ch. 8)

Title: No Girls Allowed
Author: Schnickledooger
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Jun keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. Tai is not pleased, especially when it gives his friends the wrong impression.
Word Count: So far... 30,000+

Ch.1 Revenge

Ch.2 Backfired
Ch.3 The Way To A Man's Heart Is...
Ch.4 Love Is A Jealous Thing
Ch.5 Night Out
Ch.6 Eternal Darkness Of The Cluttered Mind
Ch.7 All The World's A Stage


Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Toei Animation does.

A/N: Definition of Japanese terms below after chapter.

Ch. 8 Elementary, My Dear Jun

Logical question:

All humans make mistakes.

Tai is a human.

Therefore, we can conclude…

{1}-Tai's friends should forgive him for any grievance, injury, or embarrassment he may have caused them even though he was only trying to help.

{2}-Matt should stop being a giant douche in giving him the silent treatment because he is not a hormonal pregnant woman for Gennai's sake!

{3}-Sora and Jun should just get all that hateful tension they have towards each other out by mud-wrestling. In bikinis. And since they're holding Tai responsible for not being able to give Matt their gifts, they should drag him into the mud-fight with them.

"When I said make up your own logical premise for extra credit, I didn't mean that I wanted to read an episode of your soap opera-ish life or pubescent fantasy, Mr. Kamiya," the Logic teacher drawled waving his graded test in front of him. "Save your creative writing for Literature class next time."


Tai soon found out that having the majority of the entire Odaiba High School female student body set against him was a truly harrowing ordeal. Apparently, they didn't much like the fact that he had essentially "maimed" (according to their accusations) their favorite rock star idol and put him out of commission from his concerts for a couple of weeks. If you asked Tai though, he was of the idea that Matt was milking the sympathy and his injury for all it was worth. His hand couldn't possibly have been sprained badly enough to not be able to use it for longer than two days at least. Matt had girls dutifully taking notes and writing in-class essays as he dictated for them. He claimed he was unable to engage in volleyball during P.E. because his "motor skills had been temporarily damaged". Personally, Tai thought he had just chickened out because he was afraid of getting whacked in the face due to his poor physique and lack of athletic talent, breaking his nose and marring his complexion. (Matt took way too much pride in his appearance).

The only girls that didn't want to string him up by his tie were Jun's fellow classmates who, after the Infamous Watch Incident, took his side and claimed that they too, "would maim the person who was trying to steal their love away from them" and how "Motomiya-san doesn't know a good thing when she has it!" and "Ishida-san has good looks but Taichi-kun has heart!".

As for Sora and Jun, neither of them was speaking to him. This was hardly surprising for Sora—he had often been victim to this sort of behavior on her end before over some trivial thing. Half the time, he hadn't even been sure what he had done wrong to rattle her. Hey, it wasn't like he had asked her to jump Jun and make a complete fool of herself! She would come around and forgive him on her own terms in her own time. Jun, on the other hand, didn't seem like the type of girl to ignore someone no matter how mad she was at them. He was sure she was going to call him the day after the fiasco to formulate another plan of attack on snagging the objection of her affection, but he had hardly seen or heard hide or hair of her since that day.

Not that he cared or anything.

It was a relief to have some peace from her nagging presence for once.

He totally was not missing her.

And if it appeared like he was, it was only because his friend list had been cut down to half its size and he was just desperate for someone to talk to.

What he needed was to share his troubles with someone who didn't go to his chaotic school and therefore would be an uninterested, neutral party he could just chill out and relax with.

So Izzy and Mimi were out because they also attended Odaiba Insane Asylum. Izzy never discarded the chance to make quips about his "girlfriend" and Mimi was Sora's best friend so he could already pretty much guess whose side she would be on.

The younger Digidestined were out of the question also because if they weren't at school, they were always in the Digital World and didn't come back until dark where they finished up their homework before finally sleeping at the end of a long, long day. They were too busy and too young to fully understand the finer and more complicated dynamics of teenage relationships.

Someone closer to his age so they could relate more with him would be ideal.


"So anyway, Matt is a giant overly-sensitive, grudge-holding prick and Sora has turned into one of those stuck-up, holier-than-thou, preppy girls ever since she switched to tennis and Jun needs to wake up and smell the roses because she wouldn't have a chance with Matt in a trillion years and there is no excuse for her leaving me hanging this long. I'm her pretend boyfriend for crying out loud! I deserve some closure if we've broken up dangit!" Tai ranted not caring for once how crazy it all sounded.

Joe seemed to be more antsy than usual today. He sat stiff-back and rigid in his chair with his hands resting on his knees, tapping his fingers in a nervous manner and every so often he would glance at his watch to check the time. (Tai had to resist the urge to stab a fork through the glass face each time he saw this).

"Got someplace to go?" Tai asked, taking a swig from the can of soda Joe had offered earlier when he first had showed up unexpected at his apartment.

"Actually, yes, I do," Joe stuttered, his cheeks turning red for some reason. "It's not that I didn't enjoy your visit, Tai. It was… educational. It's just that I already made plans and I need to be at a certain place at a certain time and I need to get going. Maybe I could call you tonight and we could talk some more."

"What, got a date or something?" Tai joked, snickering.

Joe's face flushed red so bright it looked like he had a bad case of sunburn or had toasted himself too long in the tanning booth.

Tai choked into his soda for the second time that month.

"WHAT?" he exclaimed, spewing fizzy liquid all over the table. "What, are you serious? Who—what—where—how?" he demanded wide-eyed.

"I-It's not a date," Joe disputed tugging at the collar of his shirt. His white-collar button-up shirt with a striped vest and tie and blue fleece, polyester jacket. "It's just where two people who possess a mutual understanding and familiarity agree to hang out with each other and do recreational activities."

"That is the very definition of a date in geek speech!" Tai shouted his curiosity piqued. "Well, who is she? Come on, tell me! Do I know her? Does she go to your school? Does she wear glasses too? How did you two meet? Details, details, man!"

"I'm sorry, but I have to go now or I'll be late," Joe apologized not sounding sorry in the slightest, walking them to the door and pulling it shut behind him when they had stepped outside.

"I'll call you later, Tai," Joe waved once they had reached the ground level of the apartment complex before taking off.

Tai was left standing on the sidewalk doing quite the good impression of a mime that had just had a piano dropped on him.

Omigosh, Joe, geeky-glasses, jittery, book-worm Joe was going a date. This was astronomical news! It should be in the Guinness Book of World Records! This piece of information was far too juicy to keep all to himself. He had to tell someone!

Tai drew out his cell phone while hurrying after Joe. It's not like he had a better things to do to past the time that day. The soccer team didn't meet for practice and he was being shunned by everyone else. Give up the opportunity to discover the identity of Joe's new love interest? No way!

Wait until Matt heard about this!—oh. His thumb hovered inches from pressing the blonds' number on speed dial before he remembered that they were fighting. Again. And Matt wasn't likely to answer his call.

Fine! He would call Sora then—dammit!

Okay, to heck with them. Izzy always liked to be on the uptake of things. Tai dialed his number but all he managed to get a hold of was his voice mail.

"Izzy, it's me!" Tai hissed into the phone as he crouched behind a mail box watching Joe pace back and forth on the corner by the crosswalk sign. "You'll never believe what's happened! Call me back as soon as possible—you're missing out on all the action!"

A crowd of people crossed the street and from his eye-level, Tai caught a glimpse of dainty sandal-strapped feet walk up to where Joe was waiting.

Any doubts that had gathered in his mind vanished at the sight of those perfectly polished toenails. This was the most exciting thing that had occurred since the Digital World had re-opened and no one was here to witness it except him!

He dialed Mimi's number knowing she adored gossip like this. Her annoying Ai Otsuka ringtone would be difficult for anyone to ignore. He could almost hear the hip-hop beat and lyrics to "Pretty Voice" from where he squatted.

Wait a minute… he was hearing that song. What the—?

"Oh, hold on, I'm getting a call," a familiar voice said and Tai ogled bug-eyed as the crowd parted to reveal the back of a girl in a pink dress and white wool sweater pull out her matching pink cell phone over-decorated with multiple keychain accessories and hold it to her ear.

The girl's hair was honey-brown in color not pink, but there was no mistaking the soft voice that drifted out from his own phone.

"Moshi, moshi," Mimi greeted.

"Ah, ah," was all Tai managed to produce. He supposed this must be how Alice felt when she fell down the rabbit hole. He must have gotten caught in rift between worlds—some weird parallel dimension. There was no way he was seeing what he was seeing.

"I know it's you, Tai. I recognized your number," Mimi said. "Did you want to tell me something? If it's not important, it will have to wait. I'm busy at the moment."

"Y-y-you… changed your hair back," Tai stated numbly. Well, at least it was better than screeching, "You're on a date with Joe—MINDCRUSHEDDEAD!"

"I washed the pink out two weeks ago, Tai," Mimi said somewhat impatiently. "Dyed hair isn't allowed at school, you know that. I only kept it as long as I did because the inspection guard has a soft spot for me, but the teaching staff finally had enough of me rebelling against the rules. Anyway, is that all you wanted to say?"

"Um, it looks… good?" Tai complimented weakly.

"Thank you, Tai. See you at school," Mimi said politely but curtly as she hung up.

"What was that about?" Joe asked anxiously.

"Oh, just Tai being Tai," Mimi sighed. "I guess he snapped out of his comatose state and reclusiveness long enough today to finally notice my hair is brown again. He's been acting strange ever since the day he, Sora, and Jun all tried to give Matt a new watch. Now none of them are talking to each other and it's driving me crazy."

"Oh, he was telling me about that," Joe said. "Is it true he's really dating Jun?"

"He's adamantly denying it, but every time you turn around you see them together, or at least you used to. Jun hasn't approached him for awhile now. Maybe they broke up?" Mimi wondered out loud. "It sounds like he's lonely. He called to say my hair looks nice."

"I think so too," Joe agreed quickly looking like he had spoke without thinking for his face turned so red it was almost a purple shade.

"Really?" Mimi said, curling a strand around her finger and frowning at the color. "I always thought brown was so dull and boring."

"I think you look better natural. I mean your hair looks better natural! I mean, it's not like I thought you looked hideous with pink hair or anything! I mean, you always look nice. You just look nicer natural. I mean, don't let other people's opinions sway the way you wear your hair! Ah, don't listen to me! That is—" Joe stumbled over the words at last cutting himself off abruptly and hiding his eyes behind the glint of his glasses.

"Oh, Joe, you still get flustered so easily!" Mimi laughed. "Come on, let's go.

The two set off down street, walking close side by side but neither one touching the other, their voices gradually growing dimmer as they got further away.

Tai remained behind the mailbox his legs collapsing underneath him in a cross-legged position. For one moment, his brain was blissfully void of any words, ideas, images and thoughts whatsoever. It was like he had attained a high level of zazen enlightenment.

Then reality crashed down upon and he leaped to his feet clutching his head and screamed, "HOLY SHELLMON!"

Joe and Mimi were dating.

Well, he couldn't be too sure of that. Joe had claimed it wasn't a date he was going on, but he could have been lying in embarrassment and he had seemed rather nervous around Mimi. But then, he was always nervous so maybe that didn't count. If they weren't on a date though, why were they hanging out so conspicuously alone together? If it was just a friendly outing, why had neither Joe nor Mimi simply told him who they were meeting up with?

He couldn't be satisfied with all these questions and no answers. There was only one solution left now.

Tai whipped out his pair of red-tinted sunglasses he had bought at the arcade and put them on striking off in the same direction Joe and Mimi had taken.

Yus! Super Sleuth Tai was going to solve this puzzling mystery!


Okay, so fifteen minutes into his steadfast surveillance on the two hadn't yielded any suspicious results whatsoever. They didn't act lovey-dovey and they didn't even hold hands. And if they were on a date, they certainly had picked an odd spot. Of all the places they could have gone, where had Tai followed them into? A bookstore. Yeah, not a very romantic setting... unless they were going to look at The Book of Karma Sutra or something—OH, BAD IMAGES, BAD, BAD, BAD!

Tai began clubbing himself in the forehead with a thick, hard-cover Atlas of Japan in a vain effort to banish the pictures his mind had painted vividly inside his head.

"I don't think doing that will help you raise your Geography grade. You might want to try studying through osmosis instead. It's less painful," advised a voice to his right. A voice he knew all too well.

"Jun!" Tai yelped startled dropping the heavy book on his foot and then spent the next minute hopping about madly on one leg.

"Stop that!" Jun frowned. "You look like an injured flamingo!"

"What are you doing here? And… why are you talking to me?" Tai asked wondering why the girl always seemed to pop up in the most unexpected places no matter where he was.

"I came here to pick up a Japanese-English dictionary," Jun declared holding the book up. "And why shouldn't I talk you?"

"Maybe because you haven't for like two weeks—not that anyone is counting," Tai shrugged in what he hoped was an uncaring attitude.

"Anyone would be angry enough at their boyfriend for not giving them the heads up that their rival had bought the same gift as them to give to the person they were about to confess to not to talk to him for that long!" Jun hissed.

"Okay, do you even realize how weird that sounds? And Sora is not your rival. She was just giving Matt a watch as friend. I tried to stop her but she wouldn't listen to me!" Tai tried to defend himself.

"Boy are you blind," Jun scoffed. "Anyone who was only giving a present as a friend would never have gotten involved in fight with the other person. They would have waited and given their gift later. That tennis chick is crazy—look at what at the handiwork she left on my arm." Jun rolled up the sleeve of her sweater to reveal an angry reddish-purpling bruise in the shape of a bite mark on her skin. "No friend would go at to this extreme if they weren't serious."

Time seemed to slow down. Jun was still talking but Tai couldn't make out her words. A strange, unrecognizable, and unexplainable emotion seared in his chest. It was almost… painful.

"Well, I left a few battle scars of my own for her to think about. She has no idea who she is dealing with!" Jun fumed. "No racket-swinging, chicken-legged, flat-chested female is going to steal my Mattie away from me just because they've known him longer! She better be prepared for war!" The girl looked up to see his despondent expression. "Oi, you look depressed. Something wrong?"

"It's… it's nothing," Tai said avoiding her gaze and scanning the bookstore for Mimi and Joe. He spotted them over by the magazine section.

"Hey, isn't that the exchange student?" Jun asked following his line of sight and leaning over his shoulder for a better view. "The one who used to have pink hair? I wouldn't have expected her to be the bookish type. What's she doing here?"

"She's on a date," Tai said not bothering to go into details.

"Hmmm?" Jun hummed glancing back and forth between Tai and Mimi before the right-hand corner of her mouth turned upwards in a sly grin. "Oooh, I get it now! You're upset because the girl you like is with another guy!"


"I knew it had to be one of those two girls you went to summer camp with! Good choice with Strawberry Shortcake!" Jun proclaimed gleefully giving him a thumbs up and winking. "She seems a lot nicer than Psycho Sora!"

"You're getting it all wrong!" Tai objected. "I'm not jealous of Joe and I don't like Mimi! I was just following them to see what they were up to!"

"So you were stalking them."

"Yes. What—no! I mean yes, but it was only a bit of spying that's all! I wasn't sure if they were dating!" Tai struggled to explain.

Jun stared at him incredulously and cocked an eyebrow. "Well, have you found out playing your little espionage game then?"

"No," Tai admitted feeling incredibly stupid.

"Tch, men!" Jun scoffed throwing up her arms in disgust. "You wait here. I'll go ask Strawberry Shortcake straight out if she and Glasses-san are an item for you."

"Wait!" Tai cried gripping the girl's arm frantically and yanking her back as she started forward. "Don't do that!"

Perhaps he didn't know his own strength or Jun was caught off guard. Either way, their equilibrium was thrown off balance and they found themselves toppling over backwards. Jun made a wild grab at the book shelf but only succeeding in bringing a shower of books down around them.

The end result of Tai's sleuthing act: nothing gained other than a plethora of paper cuts. Who was it that said "no harm ever came from reading a book" again?


"I have never met another guy so faint-hearted when it comes to talking with girls!" Jun swore as she stomped down the sidewalk to her moped, the two of them having been escorted forcefully out of the shop. "If you don't gather up your courage and tell her your true feelings soon then you're going to lose her! No wonder she's going out with Glasses-san. I hear the studious types are the most bold."

Tai trailed after her, hands in his pockets, thinking it extremely ironic that the Chosen Child of Courage should be on the receiving end of a lecture on courage. He didn't bother correcting her on the assumption she had that he liked Mimi. If she realized he didn't then she would continue to search for the reason he had been so upset back in the bookstore and he wasn't sure he fully understood himself yet.

"Oi, do you want a ride somewhere or what?" Jun asked and Tai became conscious of the fact that he had been loitering in front of her moped for the last minute or so. He blinked, feeling tongue-tied all of a sudden and Jun took the initiative and tossed him the helmet. "The spare's at home. Wear mine. My head's harder than yours. And I really shouldn't be doing you this favor considering I didn't get to buy the dictionary for my English class."

"Yeah, sorry about that," Tai apologized climbing on behind her and slipping his hands around her waist. The heat pooling in his hands was now so customary it no longer surprised him. The wild flip-flops his stomach made, as if he had swallowed a jar full of butterflies, were a new experience though.

"It just hasn't been my day," Jun stated grimly as she took off. "I haven't just been sulking for two weeks you know. I decided to start pursuing my plans as a paparazzi. I made some inquiries at some local magazine companies to see what the requirements were. They said I needed camera. That's a no-brainer right? But it can't be just any camera. It has to be a telephoto with a zoom lens if I want to get really good, quality shots. Do you have any idea of how much that type of equipment costs?"


"Hundreds of yen!" Jun exploded, swerving around the clogged traffic lanes angrily. "That's only for one camera! They said the best paparazzi have more than one kind! And I need a flash and external battery pack to top it all off! I've done the math: the sum is up in the thousands! And get this: even if you do manage to snap a good picture, you don't get paid until a couple of months later!"

"Jun, why is this so important to you?" Tai asked. "You have five months before you graduate and then start college. That's more than enough time to save up for a camera kit."

"You don't understand," Jun said, her voice quavering slightly. "Matt's going to move on beyond my reach. He's just starting out now so it would be easy for me to get some shots of him but he's too good to stay in Tokyo forever. His fame is going to spread… past Japan and into other countries. If I don't start acting now, he'll be so far ahead I'll never catch up to him."

Jun gripped the handlebars of her moped so tightly that her knuckles turned white. He could see the girl's despondent expression as she bit her lip reflected in the side-view mirror. Pressed against her back, he was aware of the tiny tremors that were racking through her body that she was trying to gain under control. Tai laid a gentle hand on her shoulder. "I know someone who can help," he said.


Hiroaki Ishida's normally scheduled routine of a mug of coffee and a cigarette on his break towards the end of the day was broken by a figure with spiky-hair hurling themselves at him and squealing, "PAPA!" in a joyful voice. Judging by the softness of other person pressed against his chest, they were most undoubtedly female. Hiroaki didn't recall having any daughters. The only two children he had were both boys and they certainly didn't address him as "Papa".

"Excuse me, miss," he said attempting to pry her off him by her arms—it was like trying to peel the peanut butter layering off a cracker. "But I'm afraid you have the wrong person."

The girl lifted her face up from within the folds of his shirt and graced him with a radiant smile. "Nope!" she chirped merrily, hugging him tighter. "You're definitely my papa! I'm Jun Motomiya, your son Matt's fiancée and your future daughter-in-law! Pleased to meet you again!"

Recognition shot through him like a bolt from the blue. She was the one Matt had been trying so desperately to avoid when they had gone on that camping trip. The one who had chased him relentlessly across so many kilometers that he thought it was only fair she win her prize in the end and had ordered Matt to take her back home. He had been served burned dinners for a week on purpose after that incident. His eldest son could be as vindictive as his mother when he wanted to. Hiroaki had thought Matt was over-exaggerating when he had labeled the girl as an obsessive stalker, however he was beginning to suspect his son had a firm grasp on things.

And so did the girl. A very firm grasp. He wasn't sure how he was going to extricate himself from her clinging hold. Maybe he should call for security? But they might take the wrong person into custody upon seeing a teenage girl and middle-aged man embracing in a public news studio though…

"Mr. Ishida," greeted a familiar voice. Hiroaki glanced up and was very heartened to see his son's friend, Taichi Kamiya walking their direction, a visitor tag swinging from around his neck. Perhaps he could phone for help.

"Jun, get off him, you're scaring the poor guy," Tai said stopping in front of them.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Papa!" the girl cried releasing him and leaping back blushing embarrassed. "I'm usually not this forceful. I promise I will treat your son with all the compassion and respect he deserves! Please accept me into your family!"

Did she just ask for my son's hand in marriage? Hiroaki thought taking a long, much-needed drag on his cigarette and inhaling the soothing nicotine gratefully. That's a little redundant. She already claimed she was Matt's fiancée. Maybe she wants my blessing. God, I don't think one pack is going to cut it today.

"We didn't come here so you could plan your wedding," Tai said, a faint trace of annoyance dripping into his tone before turning to his friend's father, "Mr. Ishida, I was wondering if you could give Jun a few pointers on joining the media business…"


When Jun was happy the emotion spread like a disease that sunk into the very marrow of your bones. Tai felt like he was experiencing flu-like symptoms. The sight of Jun skipping out of the elevator into the lobby of the tv station twirling in a circle as if she had just been chosen as the lead dancer in a ballet caused cool chills to travel down the expanse of his nervous system. And earlier, a sudden rise in body temperature when she had hugged him in thanks for bringing her here had swept over him like a fire leaving him light-headed and dizzy.

"Mr. Ishida is the greatest!" Jun exclaimed clasping her hands together elated. "Alright, I've decided! I'm not going to be a paparazzi! I'm going to be a reporter!"

Apart from the initial meeting, things had gone rather smoother afterward. Mr. Ishida had suggested that Jun join a tv production club if her high school had one. This would help refine her writing and speaking skills as well as getting used to standing in front of a camera. He also told her to make sure she was up to date on the news and every current event no matter how small. Then he had said if she was really sure that this was the career she wanted, she should enroll in a Journalism program at whatever university she decided to attend and he would give her an internship at the Fuji TV Station.

"You just wait, Matt!" Jun shouted her vow to the endless clear, blue sky as she stepped outside. "I'll be a famous reporter and follow you around on your world tours giving you media coverage! I will be a wife that can support her husband's career choice and stay by his side too! Not even distance can keep us from each other now!"

Tai smiled. Matt was going to flip when he learned the latest update on Jun. It was really too bad he wasn't talking to him at the moment so Tai could give him the heads up.

Tai's cell phone went off on vibrate in his pocket. It slipped out of his hands as he was pulling it out and Jun picked it up off the ground ever so helpfully and answered it.

"Moshi, moshi!" she sung out cheerfully still in the throes of happiness over her bright future.

"Give me that!" Tai snapped, snatching from her. "Hello?"

"Tai, if you wanted to tell me how your and Jun's make-up date went, you could have waited until school," Izzy said. "I hardly think I'm 'missing out on all the action' as you put it."

"I AM NOT ON A DATE WITH JUN!" Tai exploded in an irked, boisterous voice, startling a flock of pigeons into the air and successfully creating a wide perimeter around him and Jun that the crowd maintained.

Behind him, Jun was humming merrily along to a song on the moped's radio as she revved up the engine, quite undisturbed by Tai's vehement denial. Why should she be anyway? She had her heart set on Matt and was only using him as a means to obtain her goal.

"Listen, Tai, you better cut your date short and go home," Izzy said in a concerned tone. "The younger kids ran into trouble in the Digital World today and got beat up quite a bit."

"What?" the worry in Izzy's voice made Tai's blood freeze over. "How badly hurt were they hurt? What happened?"

"Arukeniemon created another Digimon from a hundred Control Spires. His name is BlackWarGreymon."

To Be Continued…

A/N: Definition of Japanese terms below:

Moshi moshi: This is used to say "hello" when you talk on the telephone. It is also used when you want to get someone's attention.

Zazen: Zen Buddhist practice. The aim of zazen is just sitting, "opening the hand of thought" (i.e. clearing your mind of unnecessary thoughts, images, and feelings). There are different positions you can sit in while meditating. Cross-legged is just one of them. (If you watch D. Grayman, you may recall Kanda using the lotus-position a lot).

Japanese music artist Ai Otsuka debuted in 2003. Since I'm setting this story five years after 1999, not three or four (English dub was inconsistent on that), that would make this the fall of 2004 and Ai Otsuka would have been a popular singer just starting out. I'm not certain what year "Pretty Voice" was released, but I think it suits Mimi very well. You should listen to it—it's adorable. I love Ai Otsuka's songs. My favorite is "Momo no Hanabira" with "PEACH" coming in second because it's the opening theme to Hana Kimi, my favorite drama^^

As for whether or not Mimi and Joe were really on a date or not… you'll have to read future chapters to find out! XP This fic is starting to resemble the plot of She's the Man! Meet Tai. He's dating Jun who wants his best friend Matt whom Sora also likes so Jun hates Sora even though she's dating Tai to make Matt jealous and Matt can't stand her. WTF did I just write?

Ahem, anyway, YES, BLACKWARGREYMON PLOT FINALLY SHOWS UP! Who doesn't love that guy and feels like his and WarGreymon's fight scene totally got gyped with Imperialldramon butting in? Changes in canon-events and plot up ahead! Wow, I try writing a romance and action/adventure just creeps in no matter my efforts to thwart it. Whatev, I'm having fun with it! (No, I haven't forgotten The Alternative Factor either. The plot bunnies just keep coming for this one faster!)

Fun Facts: This chapter's title is just making fun of Tai's pitiful attempt to imitate Sherlock Holmes (and his unsound logical reasoning at the beginning). Music I listened to while writing this chapter? "Pretty Voice" (duh), "Kids In America" by Kim Lian and "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! Please review and share your thoughts and favorite scenes. I love hearing what you liked best and it's the only reward a fanfic author gets. I like knowing what my readers think and feel. Thank you!^^

P.S. Tai's too distraught at the moment to think up any haikus. He sends his regards though and hopes his Tai's Haiku Corner will make a return next chapter!

On to next chapter The Melancholy of Taichi Kamiya



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