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No Girls Allowed (Ch. 7, Digific)

Title: No Girls Allowed
Author: Schnickledooger
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Jun keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. Tai is not pleased, especially when it gives his friends the wrong impression.
Word Count: So far... 24,000+

Ch.1 Revenge

Ch.2 Backfired
Ch.3 The Way To A Man's Heart Is...
Ch.4 Love Is A Jealous Thing
Ch.5 Night Out
Ch.6 Eternal Darkness Of The Cluttered Mind


Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Toei Animation does.

A/N: Definition of Japanese terms below after chapter.

Ch. 7 All The World's A Stage

Jun didn't arrive for school the next day either but being a Saturday and a half-day her absence was hardly noticeable.


"Try these manju dumplings," urged a fellow third-year classmate of Jun's. "They'll make you feel better."

"I know it's not onigara-yaki, but we can't all cook with such passionate love as Motomiya-san!" declared another female seated on Tai's right holding her chopsticks with an octopus-shaped sausage wedged between them out to him.

"Er…" Tai said sweat-dropping and fidgeting nervously where he sat at his desk, uncomfortable at being surrounded by a large circle of senior high school girls who had taken it upon themselves to traverse the lower grades during their ten-minute break to inform him of his girlfriend's absence and also feed him condolence bentos for some reason. Getting cornered by members of the opposite gender was Matt's foray not his.

"I don't think he feels right eating another girl's bento while Motomiya-san is away," whispered a girl into the ear of the girl trying to shove the octopus-sausage down his throat.

"Such unwavering devotion! That is a beautiful thing! I admire that in man!" sniffled a curly-haired girl wiping away a tear.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" exclaimed the girl embarrassed, putting her chopsticks with the octopus-sausage down. "I understand. My cooking probably isn't as good as what you're used to. I mean it can't compare to your Jun-san's or your mother's certainly—"

"Oh, I'm sure anything you guys have cooked is definitely better than my mom's," Tai was quick to interject without thinking.

He was immediately swamped by squealing third-year girls and practically buried underneath the avalanche of arms they flung about him.

"This little kouhai is precious!"

"He's so innocently honest!"

"I love his fluffy hair!"

As Tai struggled to surface from beneath the mass of bodies for air, he managed to catch the on-looking eyes of several of his male classmates.

"Dude, teach us your power, Taichi-sensei!" one breathed in a slightly-envious tone, wide-eyed in awe.

Standing at the back of the classroom, forgotten for once, Matt shook his head at the scene. "Un-be-liev-able."


Being a half-day meant that there wasn't much trash to clean up in the second-floor classrooms, however it did put him behind an hour meaning he was late for soccer practice that was usually scheduled right after school let out and got pounced on by an angry coach the minute he stepped foot on the field. He received a sound chewing out and then had to explain the reason for his tardiness, which consequently resulted in another lecture after the coach learned there would be more tardiness in the future compliments of his Don't-Disrespect-Idiot-Teachers-Even-If-They-Try-And-Steal-Your-Awesome-Haikus punishment.

If he hadn't been one of the soccer team's key players, Tai supposed he would have gotten benched for the season. As it was, he was the number one striker and the coach was desperate enough to win the fall tournament that year to overlook this small transgression and move the team's practice time down one hour to match his cleaning schedule so he wouldn't miss anything.

Even this generous act bordering on favoritism didn't so much to alleviate the brooding mood he seemed to have fallen into and it showed in his playing. He missed eight out of ten goals, couldn't pass the ball and kept kicking it out into the sidelines and tripped flat on his face two times in a row.

In the end, the coach roared like an enraged boar who had just been skewered, gave him a mighty cuff across the head and warned him to get his act together by the next practice or else and also "WHAT IN THE SEVEN HELLS IS YOUR PROBLEM?"

"Girl-troubles," spoke up a teammate helpfully, having been a witness to the scene in the classroom earlier that day.


"Wait, if we're supposed to treat the ball like a woman, I don't feel right passing her around to other guys then," joked Sano, the team comedian, inciting a wave of guffaws and snorts from his teammates.


So yeah, this day: not one of Tai's best. He was worried, stressed out, tired and was headed home still wearing his soccer uniform, not bothering to change not wanting to spend another minute than necessary near the coach in case the guy burst an artery or something.

That's when he ran into Sora headed the same way, tennis racket in one hand, duffel bag slung over one shoulder and her tennis uniform clinging to her skin due to a fresh sheen of sweat from playing hours under the sun.

The two stared at each other in surprise for a few seconds before smiles slowly crept across their faces.

"Good practice?" Tai asked falling into step beside her.

"Not my best but it was fun workout," Sora said twirling her tennis racket absent-minded in one hand. "You?"

"I'm thinking of taking up skydiving instead. It might be safer," Tai stated.

Sora laughed. "You've just been under a lot of strain, that's all. What with Jun and—"

"Can we not talk about Jun for once?" Tai said wincing slightly.

"Sorry," Sora said pausing for a long interval before speaking. "It's just that Matt said she knows about Digimon now."

"Boy, news sure travels fast around here," Tai muttered.

"I'm a little worried about what she will do," Sora admitted.

"What can she do?" Tai shrugged looking up at the blue, cloudless sky. "No one would believe her anyway."

"But she lives under the same roof as Davis," Sora pointed out. "She might get footage of DemiVeemon and sell it to the media or use it to blackmail Matt into obeying her every whim…"

"She wouldn't do that," Tai protested feeling unnaturally angry.

"How can you be sure?" Sora said.

"She just wouldn't, okay?" Tai said recalling Jun's glazed, numb expression imprinted across her face like she was in shock… or betrayed.

He saw Sora shooting sideway glances at him from the corner of her eye as they walked along. "I suppose you would deny it if I asked if you like her," the girl stated.

"If you mean 'like' in the platonic sense then I will say that once you get used to her overwhelming enthusiasm and firm resolution on things that she is not all that bad," Tai admitted. "A little crazy but who isn't? But if you're asking me if I like her-like her…"

"Alright," Sora sighed seeing that he wasn't going to finish his sentence and be any clearer on the subject. "But for a person who doesn't feel that way you sure do spend a lot of time around her. Lunches, moped rides, shopping at the arcade, house calls—"

"Do you really want to continue this conversation?" Tai asked stopping in place on the sidewalk.


"Good, 'cause I like to eat my meals without indigestion," Tai said going into the front entrance of a McDonald's.

Sora followed him inside and he ignored her presence behind him in line, but when his turn came he ordered two servings of burgers and fries.

"Thanks," Sora said as they took their trays to a table and sat down. "You didn't have though."

"Che, what do you mean? I'm eating both," Tai scoffed, making a pretend swipe at her burger.

Sora shrieked and swatted his hand away. "Greedy!" she chided. "You'll make yourself fat!"

"Shouldn't you be the one who's worried about that?" Tai asked sipping his soda.

"Not that way the coach runs us ragged. I've burned more calories than I've ingested," Sora said.

"I know exactly how you feel," Tai said joining her in a perfectly synchronized hearty bite into their burgers.

"So what do you think about Ken showing up again?" Sora questioned. "Do you think he's really changed?"

"Kari asked me the same thing last night," Tai said remembering.

"I don't know what to think," Kari said sitting morosely on her bed hugging a pillow to her chest. "He saved Cody, but he destroyed that Digimon."

"We've destroyed Digimon before, don't forget," Tai reminded her gently. "All of us. Sometimes… it's necessary."

"But they were evil!" Kari exclaimed pain flashing in her brown eyes as she looked at him for answers. "They were hurting innocent Digimon! They had to be destroyed!"

"Was the Digimon Ken destroyed causing harm then?"

"I… don't know," Kari admitted reluctanty. "I think Cody and Digmon just surprised Thundermon and he attacked out of reflex. I don't think he was bad—but Ken destroyed him before we could do anything!"

"She seemed really tore up about it," Tai said, a small frown-line appearing on his forehead. "They went back to the Digital World today. Maybe they'll run across Ken again and then we'll find out."

"Oh, Mimi's there too right now!" Sora said. "She wanted to catch up with Palmon and help with the rebuilding YukimiBotamon's village. I'll call her when I get home and see how things went."

"You seem really happy that she came back to Japan this year," Tai stated.

"Well, she was one of my first friends that was a girl I ever made," Sora laughed. "And one that wasn't a part of the soccer team. Mom was thrilled! She says she's been a good influence on me."

"Maybe too good of an influence," Tai muttered, biting down on the end of his straw irritably. Over the years Sora's wardrobe had slowly evolved from t-shirts and jeans to short shorts and skirts and she even had begun wearing make-up and jewelry that she had claimed she so despised. He wasn't sure he liked the change.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sora asked with narrowed eyes.

"Nothing," Tai said quickly, backing off under her glare. Then he did a double take when he noticed the tiny, white heart-shaped barrettes on either side of her head holding her hair in place. "What are those?" he pointing, a long-time faded anger rising within.

"They're called barrettes, you ignoramus of a boy," Sora replied testily. "They help keep my hair from falling into my face when I play tennis."

"Where'd you get them?" Tai pressed inquisitively.

"From Mimi, why do you want to know?"

"No reason… I just sort of got the impression you thought hair clips more evil than Myotismon and the Dark Masters put together."

"Do you really want to continue this line of conversation?"


The afternoon meal had suddenly turned sour. They sat in silence at their table not meeting each others eyes, chewing food like robotic cows, and the tension in the air was so thick you could have cut it with a knife.

Then it dispersed like grains of sand upon the wind as a head of familiar spiked hair strolled past the glass window behind Sora and Tai choked on his soda causing the fizzy bubbles to shoot up his nostrils and burn the insides.

He was dimly aware of Sora having risen out of her seat and pounding his back perhaps a bit too hard as he hacked his lungs painfully for air. "Are you alright? What happened?" she asked.

Tai all but leaped up and pushed her aside. "I gotta go!" he gasped hoarsely, grabbing his duffel from the floor and making a mad dash for the door.

He burst into the bright sunlight of the outside and frantically scoured the sidewalks for any sign of Jun. A flash of chestnut-colored hair caught his eye to his left and he struck off into the crowd, jostling and fighting his way through until he reached the back of the person he was searching for and clamped a firm hand down on her shoulder.

It had occurred to him in that instant that he might not have seen Jun after all, merely someone else with a similar hair-cut, however the next split second in which the girl spun around and punched him squarely in the stomach with a rock-hard fist sending him down on the gravel to his knees wheezing proved her identity. Yep, he definitely had the right person.

"You!" Jun's voice shouted in surprise from above his head. "What were you thinking? You don't go around grabbing girls in public like that! Some are likely to know self-defense!"

Tai staggered to his feet, rubbing his sore stomach. "Where have you been these past two days?" he inquired.

"Oh, did Matt notice my absence?" Jun asked looking pleased. "Good. It's about time he stopped taking me for granted. Well, don't tell him, but I've been trying to research as much information as possible about that incident five years ago. You know, there's a suspicious lack of evidence available and people seem to think the convention center was bombed by terrorists who held everyone captive there. I'm guessing some of your little monster friends have the ability to tamper with memories?"

Tai did recall Gennai saying something like that but the recollection was rather vague. Maybe his own mind had been affected. In any case, he was startled by the cool wave of relief he felt sweep over him when he saw the girl no longer was wearing that horrible glazed expression the last time he had saw her. Her brown eyes were clear and brimming with a fierce determination signifying she was scheming something yet again.

"Tell me how to get one," Jun said abruptly.


"One of your monsters, Digimon, whatever. Tell me how I get one," Jun demanded impatiently.

Tai felt a chill travel down his back upon discovering Jun's newest goal. "You can't," he stated directly, hoping she would give up this futile quest. "You have to be chosen."

"Fine, fine. I choose them, they choose me—I'm flexible. Tell me how I can get to this Digital World then so they can find me," Jun insisted.

"You don't understand!" Tai exclaimed frustrated. "Not just anyone can go to the Digital World! You have to be a Digidestined! You need to have one of these!" he said showing her his digivice.

"Okay, let me borrow yours then."

"These give a ride there one passenger per ticket! It's not a two-for-one deal!" Tai snapped stuffing his digivice back in his pocket. "Why do you want a Digimon anyway?"

"I want to become one of you guys!" Jun burst out. "I want to travel by Matt's side fighting evil and curing the world of injustice! This will strengthen our love and seal our bond!"

"This isn't some kind of wild hobby we do on a whim!" Tai shouted disgusted at the logic behind Jun's reason. "We're not adventure-seekers and we don't do this for fun! Digimon are not pets you can buy one day and then abandon later! They're sentient beings with real feelings and to use them for your own purposes is wrong and makes you no better than the dark forces we have fought against!"

"Oh, so what are you saying? That I'm some sort of villain now?" Jun cried offended. "Fine! Keep your precious monsters all to yourself! You think you're someone special because you have one? You think it makes you a better person? Well, you're not! You're no different than the rest of us! None of you!"

With a scream of rage, the girl shoved him hard in the chest, slamming him into the back of a telephone booth before she took off running.

Tai leaned against the booth, his chest tight and his spine throbbing and tried to convince himself he hadn't seen the water that had been welling up in Jun's eyes as she had sped past him.


Saturday had been quite the lousy day and Sunday fared no better. He had been so utterly bored, he had actually finished all the homework assigned and then proceeded to lounge on the couch staring at the tv like a zombie as he flipped through channels without pausing long enough to see what was on them until his mother flung a dish towel at his head and shrieked that the tv was rotting his brain and to get some fresh air before she had him give the bathroom a vigorous scrubbing.

The threat got Tai's feet moving and he wandered aimlessly about for a couple of hours before finally crashing at Izzy's who was surprise, surprise currently engaged in yet another task on his computer.

"Are you having an affair with your laptop, Izzy?" Tai asked resting his hands behind his head as he lay sprawled out on the floor of his friend's bedroom.

"Haha, very funny," Izzy retorted. "I'll have you know I'm writing a program for web scripting and at least I'm doing something constructive with my time unlike some people."

"I can't concentrate," Tai admitted turning on his side. "Kari told me last night that it turned out the Digimon Ken had destroyed the other day was really a control spire in disguise. She said Davis wanted Ken to join their group but she wasn't sure at first. Now I think she's more favorable to the idea."

"And that's a bad thing?" Izzy asked.

"No, everyone deserves a second chance," Tai said remembering how Gatomon had once been on Myotismon's side and how Matt had caused a divide between the Digidestined when he had questioned their purpose in the Digital World instigated a fight with him. "I'm worried because Kari seems to have forgotten that as Digidestined we can't afford to hold back because we might hurt other Digimon. Some… are too evil to exist," he whispered, an image of Diaboromon flashing through his mind.

"Maybe having Ken on their team will broaden their outlook then," Izzy said. "Anyway, that was a disturbingly, deep psychological insight for you, Tai. Do you have a fever or something?"

"See what happens when I'm bored?" Tai moaned. "My mind uses up spare brain cells for useless psychoanalysis! That means my video game high score will take a dip next time I play! Agh, come on, let's do something fun! Show me how you hack into a government or military website."

"You know I'm allowed to do that anymore, Tai," Izzy protested. "Mom says it corrupts good morals and that the only exception is when a crisis needed to be adverted."

"This is a crisis! I'm boooored!" Tai drawled out pouting.

"A national or global crisis, Tai," Izzy corrected rolling his eyes.

"Izzy!" Mrs. Izumi's voice floated shrilly through her son's closed door as she knocked on it. "Are you hacking into top secret websites again?"

"No, Mom!" Izzy called clicking the 'x' button on several pages on the screen in a frenzied fashion.

"You bold-faced liar," Tai jeered.

"Oh, go and hang out with your girlfriend!" Izzy snapped.


So Sunday morning: not so good. Sunday evening: not so well either. It might have been due to the fact when Kari broke the news that Davis and Ken's Digimon had DNA-Digivolved, something that Tai thought was only unique to WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon. He was fine with that though. Two champions merging into one apparently made them a higher-level and it would be safer for the younger kids to have some Ultimate power on their team. He totally wasn't envious in the least, nope.

And he totally didn't call the Motomiya residence in hopes that Jun would pick up the phone and was disappointed when Davis answered instead, yep.

"Taichi-sempai, it was awesome! You should have seen it! Paildramon is-is-is… THE MON!" Davis gushed excitedly. "He was like 'Desperado Blaster'! KA-POW-POW-POW! And Okuwamon was like 'no wai!' KAPUTEY! Heeheehee! This is great! Now that Ken is on our team we'll be unbeatable! Of course, he's being stubborn and emo about joining, but he'll come around! This was meant to be! This is our destiny!"

It occurred to Tai when he hung up that Davis hadn't once whined or wheedled him about talking to Kari or pressed him for information on how she felt for him, and every other word out of the boy's mouth had been 'Ken' this or 'Ken' that.

Tai wondered if he should be concerned. Then he shrugged and turned himself in for the night early certain that Monday would bring the start of a fresh new week.

He shouldn't have gotten his hopes up.

His mother knocked on his door scant seconds after he had burrowed himself a nice little nest in his covers and was starting to doze off.

"Mmurfflgh," he mumbled as the lights flicked on overhead. "Wassit?" he rasped as he sat up groggily.

"You have a phone call!" his mother squealed handing him the cordless before leaving in a batch of suppressed giggles mumbling something like "My son is so popular with the ladies, teehee!"

Tai blamed it on the fogginess one experiences upon first waking up for what he did next. "Jun?" he said into the receiver before the other had a chance to speak.

"Are seriously not dating her?" Sora's voice crackled dryly over the line.

Tai was too mortified to even think up a clever explanation.

"Never mind. What you do in your free time is none of my business," Sora said brushing the incident aside. "I just want to know: is Matt's favorite color green or blue?"

"… what?" Tai asked not sure he had heard right.

"I mean I've seen him wear green a lot, but then his Crest color was blue plus it will match his eyes, so I was wondering if you knew which color he would like better," Sora said rushing through the sentence as if embarrassed.

"Umm… he seems to wear black a lot now," Tai finally regained control of his vocal cords to talk.

"Don't act stupid, Tai!" Sora said warningly. "I really need another guy's advice. I bought him a watch after you ran off who knows where today and—"

"What? You did what?" Tai exclaimed. "Why would you do that?"

"I noticed he lost his watch. I thought he could use another one," Sora explained. "So he won't be late to his band rehearsals and appointments."

"He has a cell phone! It tells time!" Tai exploded. "And what about the digivices? They have inbuilt clocks too! He can use the freaking digivice!"

"What is your problem?" Sora questioned annoyance laced thickly throughout her tone. "The wristband is detachable and it can become a pocket-watch. I just wanted to know if I should keep the green wristband or return it to the store and replace it with the blue one, but now I think I'll buy both colors because it seems to me that men are completely incapable of making any coherent decisions on their own!"

The sound of the phone being slammed down on its receiver vibrated harshly off the inside of his ear.

So now both Jun and Sora were presenting Matt with a watch and were liable to run across each other's paths the next day. Jun would get the wrong impression and a blood bath would ensue.


Tai spent a good several minutes banging his head against his bedpost. As it had often had come to him before this way, a brilliant idea jumped into his bruised brain.

"KARI!" he screamed springing out of bed and running out of his room to his sister's. "I NEED TO BORROW A WATCH!"


Tai's attempt to fix an already fragile situation went something like this:

I Hope Sanrio Co. Goes Up In A Fire So Intense It Puts the Flames Of Hell To Shame

By: Taichi Kamiya


Taichi Kamiya, Odaiba High School junior.
Matt Ishida, Odaiba High School junior.
Sora Tachenouchi, Odaiba High School junior.
Jun Motomiya, Odaiba High School senior.
Random Students, Odaiba High School juniors.
WarGreymon, Mega Digimon.

SCENE—At Odaiba High School in the shoe locker room, first floor.

Act I, Scene I

[At lockers. MATT is putting on school slippers. Enter TAI.]

TAI: Hey, my best bud, Matt! I thought I'd get you a present to show how much I value our friendship together!

[Holds out newspaper-wrapped, lumpy package taped badly.]

MATT: [Eyes package with two finely-plucked raised eyebrows.] I'm loathe to give anything in return for accepting a bribe like that.

TAT: [Spots JUN coming down the hallway behind MATT towards them a gift bag clutched in both hands. Starts to hyperventilate and sweat. Offers package again.] Why don't you open it now?

MATT: [Looking over TAI's shoulder.] Is that Sora? [Waves.]

TAI: [Glances behind him. Sees SORA advancing with a box encased in wrapping paper in her hands. In nervous voice.] You know why don't I just open it for you? [Rips newspaper-wrapped package.]

Matt: [Gaping openly.] It's a watch.

TAI: [Fake cheery grin.] Yeah, I noticed you lost yours so I got you a replacement! Aren't I such a good friend? Now put it on!

MATT: [Still gaping.] It's a Hello Kitty watch…

TAI: [Inwardly cursing his sister for not having better manly watch options.] It's the thought that counts! Here, give me your hand. [Grabs MATT by wrist.]

MATT: [Shrieks high-pitched.] I AM NOT WEARING A GIRL'S WATCH!

[Wrestles with TAI trying to free himself from TAI's Super Awesome Strong Death Grip.]

TAI: [In hysterical, desperate voice.] IT'S FOR MY OWN GOOD! I MEAN YOUR OWN GOOD! PUT ON THE DAMN WATCH!

[TAI yanks MATT's sleeve back to expose shiny, new crystal-face, blue dial titanium silver watch fitted snugly to his wrist.]

TAI and MATT: [Shares long awkward moment staring at it.]

MATT: [In eerily, calm voice.] Dad bought me a watch over the weekend. He noticed I lost mine too.

SORA and JUN: [Arrive in front of the two boys at precisely the same time and eye each other's packages with suspicious eyes.]

JUN: What's in the box, Takenouchi?

SORA: What's in the bag, Motomiya?

[Proceeds to share intense dagger-like glares at each other before turning and seeing TAI still holding MATT's wrist captive with his Super Awesome Strong Death Grip in one hand and the Hello Kitty watch dangling from the other. MATT's new titanium watch glints most conspicuously under the lights.]

MATT: [Slowly comprehends the hazardous situation he is in. Begins to fear for his life.] I think I have enough watches, guys, thanks though.

TAI: Right, cool, that's great, really. [Releases MATT's wrist from Super Awesome Strong Death Grip and flings open his locker door to throw the unneeded Hello Kitty watch inside.]

MATT: [Emits blood-curdling scream of pain as his fingers are trapped behind TAI's locker door. Resembles something like:] AAAAUUUUGHSUNUVABISHRAAAWWRR!

SORA and JUN: [In concerned unison.] MATT!

[Starts to rush forward before turning attention to potential rival and begin circling each other like wild mountain lions growling low in their throats, painted sharp fingernails at the ready.]

TAI: [Apologetically.] Dude, I am so sorry, Matt! [Extends helping hand.]

MATT: [Irrationally loses it.] GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME! [Slaps TAI's hand away and staggers off down the hallway holding injured fingers to his chest protectively.]

SORA and JUN: [Drops their packages and leap at the other. Engages in vicious cat-fight complete with hair-pulling and eye-scratching.]

Scene II

[The next day. Odaiba High School. Second floor, Classroom 2-B. Students gathered in cluster reading newspaper.]

RANDOM STUDENT #1: [Reading Entertainment section out loud.] The Teenage Wolves regret to inform public that they will not be performing their scheduled concert this week due to injuries sustained to lead vocalist and guitarist, Matt Ishida. An extended leave of absence from their media spotlight has been planned while Ishida recuperates from a violently sprained hand received during a school scuffle.

RANDOM STUDENT #2: I never would have taken Ishida-san for the rough type.

RANDOM STUDENT #3: I saw the whole thing! Ishida had Motomiya, Takenouchi and Kamiya all fighting over him!

[Excited squeals break out amongst female students at the last part.]

RANDOM STUDENT #2: OMIGOSH, REALLY? So it's not a love triangle anymore—now it's like a love…square?

[Everyone turns to look at TAI, MATT, and SORA seated at their respective desks resolutely not meeting each other's eyes.]

RANDOM STUDENT #1: Let's take bets on who'll win Ishida-san's heart in the end!

[Wild cheers break out at this announcement.]

WARGREYMON: [Crashes through window and Terra Forces everyone to black, ashen cinders including MATT and SORA and JUN because MATT is an egotistical blond bigot who refuses to hear TAI's explanations and SORA and JUN for causing the whole mess in the first place buying the stupid watches. But TAI survives because TAI is incredible and WARGREYMON's partner and they effing ROCK so there!]

The End


"You're getting an 'A' in Literature!" Yuuko Kamiya exclaimed delightedly at her son's interim report before reading Takashi-sensei's remarks out loud. "'Taichi has a hidden writer's talent just waiting to blossom full bloom and a vivid imagination. I loved the last piece he turned in to me. Keep up the good work!'"


Tai's Haiku Corner

Tick-tock goes the clock
I understand now why Hook
Hated this foul thing.

Good deeds are frowned on
Society shoots you down
It isn't my fault!

To Be Continued…

A/N: Definition of Japanese terms below:

Kouhai: lowerclass student. Opposite to Sempai: upperclass student. Kouhai can also mean protege while sempai can mean mentor. I think it's adorable that Davis calls Tai sempai in the original Japanese and he's the only one of the Digidestined he addresses with that title! He probably started using it when he and Tai were on the same soccer team and Tai coached him, then it extended when he became a part of the Digidestined. But I digress, sorry! Here, the senior girls are calling Tai kouhai because he's a year and grade younger than them, not that he's their protege.

Wow, this got longer than I thought it would take. Sorry for the wait between updates. It's been a hectic few weeks. In any case, I hope this more than made up for the delay! And I hope it is clearer on where the story is on the 02 time-line now.

Tai is becoming more artistically creative every chapter I type! He's so much fun to write! XD Ah, poor Jun. She wants to be a Digidestined too! About the whole lack of evidence, I shall quote Nashara (thanks for informing me about this): I don't think any persons memory was messed with but Gennai mentioned that he and the others like him were trying to erase government data and such. Apparently there were factions trying to explain what happened and hoping to go to Digi World to research or explore and such. So Gennai and the others would have found the physical evidence (like video and such) and removed it. Think of it like Gennai making a government cover up of sorts.

Fun Facts: this chapter's title is a shortened version of a quote from William Shakespeare. "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players". I thought it fitting for Tai's masterpiece at the end, muwahaha!^^ And if you're wondering about Tai's play title, Sanrio is the company that owns Hello Kitty, so no wonder he's mad at them. Actually, he's infuriated at watch-makers in general, but Sanrio is a familiar name so he focuses his anger towards them. Also, this fic is surprisingly becoming the most popular out of all my digifics. Soon it shall surpass The Alternative Factor and Reboot! o.O I guess comedy romance sells better than action/adventure. That's sort of sad considering Digimon is an adventure series, but I won't deny I'm ecstatic about my stats!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! Please review and share your thoughts and favorite scenes. I love hearing what you liked best and it's the only reward a fanfic author gets. I like knowing what my readers think and feel. Thank you!^^

On to next chapter Elementary, My Dear Jun!



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great work
God I do love your story thus far just hoping you relax and enjoy writing instead of feeling like its a chore. I am really looking forward to next chapter of alt factor.as well as this one of course
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