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No Girls Allowed (Digific, Ch. 5)

Title: No Girls Allowed
Author: Schnickledooger
Rating: T/PG-13
Genre: Romance/Humor
Summary: Jun keeps popping up in the most unexpected places. Tai is not pleased, especially when it gives his friends the wrong impression.

Ch.1 Revenge

Ch.2 Backfired
Ch.3 The Way To A Man's Heart Is...
Ch.4 Love Is A Jealous Thing


Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. Toei Animation does.

Title: No Girls Allowed

A/N: Definition of Japanese terms below after chapter.

Ch.5 Night Out

"Why are we here?" Tai questioned taking in his surroundings where Jun had driven them, which happened to be the front of a shopping arcade.

"Getting first-hand look at this tsukimi udon," Jun replied swinging her legs over the side of the moped and climbing off.

"Okay, why am I still here?" Tai asked not budging from his seat.

"I thought this shopping expedition could be beneficial to us both," Jun said in a brisk, business-like manner. "You seem to know a lot about Matt being his best friend all. I thought you could tell me his likes and dislikes and help me pick out a present for him. And in return, I could help you out and give you a girl's opinion on where you stand."

"Where I stand on what?" Tai asked on guard.

"On the girl you like, of course," Jun said with a roll of her eyes.

"You're delusional!"

"Then why did you get on the back of my moped if you weren't trying to make someone jealous?" Jun inquired shrewdly, nodding when Tai didn't meet her gaze. "Come on, tell me. We're in the same boat together. Which one was it? That tennis-player or that pink-haired exchange student?


"Well, as I don't see you hanging around a lot of girls other than those two, then I'm assuming it has to be one of them," Jun explained. "Or are you really trying to convince me that you think girls still have cooties? I'm not buying it."

"You're wrong!" Tai protested. "We're just friends. All of us that you saw. I just wanted to play a practical joke on them since they're still unsure whether or not we're going out—you know, psych them out a bit."

"Okay, fine, deny it all you want," Jun said with a shrug of her shoulders. "Come on, we're here anyway. Let's go eat udon."

"You go eat udon. I'm going home," Tai said getting off the moped and casting his eyes about for the nearest subway station.

"I still have copies of the pho-to-gra-phuuuu!" Jun sung out jauntily fairly skipping down the entrance to the arcade. "Hahahahaha!"

Tai cursed violently and chased after her.


"Oooh, this shop is buffet-style!" Jun exclaimed wide-eyed as she spotted the cafeteria-style row filled with fried condiments.

"You order over there," Tai said pointing to the guy behind the counter who bowed his head in welcome to the potential customers. "The different types are on the menu overhead and if you want to add anything to it then you go to the buffet."

"You've eaten here before?" Jun asked as they walked over.

"Never tried this place, but I do keep track of where the good udon shops are," Tai stated.

"Mmm," Jun said eyeing him thoughtfully before ordering. "Two bowls of tsukimi udon, please."

They sat at a table while they waited for their order sipping the hot green tea that came with the meal and Jun began pressing Tai for information.

"So tell me how you and Matt met," she said eagerly. "I know it couldn't have been on the soccer field like with Davis, which I'm never forgiving you for by the way. I still rue the day the little twerp came home with those ridiculous, over-sized useless goggles. I can't be seen anywhere with him without getting stares and not in the good way!"

"Heh," Tai said cracking a half-smile. "It was at summer camp five years. That's where we all met and became friends."

"Oh, I bet Matt was so cute back then!" Jun gushed. "I wish I could have seen him!"

"I have pictures. I'll trade you for the monkey-suit one," Tai offered.

Surprisingly, the girl didn't jump at the opportunity as he expected. "I'll think about it," she said.

"Are you sure? There's one with him bare-chested in the hot springs," Tai said with a smirk knowing he was only asking for trouble on his end. Matt had threatened everyone to within an inch of death if that picture ever fell into the hands of the media or fangirls.

Jun choked on her tea and started pounding her chest, her face flushed bright red from both lack of air and excitement.

Fortunately, he was saved by their order being served.

"Hey, this doesn't look half-bad!" Jun exclaimed in surprise momentarily distracted by the bowl of noodles and the perfectly round, yellow egg in the center surrounded by chopped leeks.

"The egg is supposed to represent the harvest moon in autumn and the noodles are the swirling clouds, see?" Tai said pointing with his chopsticks.

"Ah, ah," Jun nodded. "Well…"

"Itadakimasu!" they recited together, clapping their hands in front of them before eating.

"Delicious!" Jun cried after a few mouthfuls. "No wonder Matt loves this!"

Between bouts of slurping his noodles nosily, Tai bit back grin.


Maybe it was the satisfaction of a full stomach, but somehow the idea of hanging out with Jun at the arcade didn't seem as bad as before. In any case, he didn't try to leave or protest when she dragged him by the arm to visit the various stands and shops along the way. The area where her hands were touching the sleeve of his school jacket was unnaturally hot. They were probably still warm from holding the bowl when she had drunk the broth.

"I want to get Matt the perfect gift! Nothing fancy, just something that shows him I care," Jun stated stopping at a stand displaying sunglasses. "Do you think he would like one of these?"

"Giving gifts is not worth the effort," Tai said irritably. "You spend a lot time picking it out, then they're not appreciated and are taken as insult. For instance, if you give him sunglasses, then Matt might assume that you don't like the color of his eyes and want him to hide them."

"But I love Matt's eyes!" Jun gasped aghast. "His beautiful, ice blue eyes like twin sapphire jewels…"

"Yeah, take it from me, no matter what you give him, he won't like it," Tai stated bluntly.

"Sounds like someone had a bad gift-giving experience," Jun assessed with a raise of her eyebrows.

Tai pursed his lips into a thin line and looked away. He started when a red-tinted film settled over his vision and twin weights were hooked over his ears.

"Don't you look sinister now?" Jun laughed, pulling her hands away from the sunglasses she had just put on him. "Very yakuza-ish."

"Dummy, yakuza wear sunglasses like these," Tai said picking up a pair of thick, black wrap-around shades and slipping them onto the girl's nose.

"So very knowledgeable about that, are we?" she said teasingly. A beam of light from the glass-tiled ceiling above had splashed across her face, reflecting off her sunglasses and illuminating the patch of freckles that ran across her cheekbones. "Must be from involvement…"

"Shut up," Tai muttered feeling off-balanced. His eyesight must be distorted from the sunglasses. Nontheless, he did like the way they looked on him from what he could see in the display mirror. "Oi…" he said to the sales-person.

"We'll take these!" he and Jun called out in unison.


"Last chance on me giving you advice on that girl you like but don't want to admit," Jun said as the day drew to a close and rays of the setting sun fell through the glass roof to the floor below bathing the inside of the arcade in an orange-red glow. "It's not too late to get a present for her."

"The shops are closing," Tai pointed out.

Time had gone by far more quickly than he had realized. He had never liked going shopping with his mom when he was little and the feeling had stayed with him as he got older. Shopping with females was a dangerous and boring thing. However, it had been almost fun with Jun. They had wandered aimlessly about with nothing in particular in mind, pausing to look at something if it caught their interest and buying it on a whim. It had been amusing stumbling across some Teenage Wolves' merchandise in one of the music stores. Tai had bought her a tiny figurine of Matt to attach to her cell phone to which Jun had been ecstatic. He had every intention of pointing it out to his friend at school the next day and ribbing him over it. They had slowly accumulated several bags of trinkets including the gift that Jun had finally picked out for Matt once Tai had told her that the blond had lost his watch recently and hadn't replaced it yet. Jun had gone and bought him a sleek, black digital wrist-watch on which you could save multiple time-zones, was water resistant and could glow in the dark.

"It's so very practical too! I'm going to take it home and gift-wrap beautifully!" Jun had proclaimed happily.

"Fine, fine," the girl said bringing back to the present. "Just don't be regretting it tomorrow when you could have given her the gift and confessed your looove!"

Tai sighed. Okay, on some accounts, Jun was still annoying as ever.

"Ooh, a supermarket!" she exclaimed suddenly, stopping in front of the small corner store. "I can get the ingredients for Matt's tsukimi udon here! Hurry, before they close!"

Tai couldn't think up an excuse this time for the familiar heat that ignited under his skin when Jun grabbed him by the wrist and hauled him into the store.

It was dusk by the time they exited the shop and shadows fell everywhere. The arcade was nearly devoid of anyone except a couple of stragglers. Most of the store had already closed and locked up. There wasn't much light except for the overhanging street lamps from the ceiling.

"Guess I'd better go," Tai said, idly chewing on the takoyaki dumplings they had bought as snacks and wondering why he had stayed as long as he had. He could have left after eating the udon. Oh, the photograph, right, he thought in relief. Thank heavens for blackmail! I'm not losing my mind.

"You should at least walk me back to my moped," Jun said as they walked along. "What if run into some weirdo or perverts—ow!" she cried out in alarm she collided with someone, smearing her takoyaki all over the front of his shirt.

"Watch it, girlie!" growled the young man pushing her roughly away to see the damage done. "You better be able to pay for this! This shirt is silk!"

"I'm not paying! You bumped into me!" Jun stated heatedly. "If the shops were still open, I'd make you buy me more takoyaki! Try not to trip over your big ox feet next time, you great lumberjack!"

It would have been funny—this mere slip of a girl standing up to such a hulking guy, not all intimidated by his striped mohawk and nose-ring—if he hadn't happened to have two guys of similar appearance and muscle weight on either side of him.

"Someone needs to teach you some respect, you porcupine!" roared Mohawk swinging a tattooed fist at her.

"Jun!" Tai shouted but the girl was already a few seconds of him, ducking the blow and lashing out with her leg knocking the guy's feet right out from under him, sending him prostrate flat on his backed on the floor.

"Who are you calling a porcupine, skunk head?" Jun screamed fluffing her spiked-do lovingly. "You wish you had hair as good as mine—HEY!"

One of the fallen guy's companions had attempted to grab her from behind unawares, but all he had come away with was one of the numerous bags had been holding.

"Matt's present! GIVE IT BACK!" Jun shrieked in outrage recognizing the outline of the parcel inside, leaping at the guy who held it up out of her reach tauntingly, his height far greater than hers.

A chill shot through Tai as he saw a glint of silver in the remaining guy's hands, his attention fixed dangerously on Jun's unsuspecting back.

"Oi!" he yelled drawing the guy's attention his way before smashing his boat of takoyaki into the other's face blinding him suddenly before attempting to disarm him of the lethal object in his right hand.

Unseeing, his adversary lashed out wildly with the knife that Tai barely leapt back in time to avoid. It sliced across the front of his school jacket, severing a button and Tai ended up tripping over the guy with the mohawk on the ground where Jun had laid him out. The wind having been knocked out of him temporarily, the guy seemed to be recovering if the hands that seized him and pinned him down were anything to go by.

"You punk!" was the furious bellow he heard before a heavy fist nailed the side of his face and stars exploded before his eyes.

"What's going on out there?" came a voice from one of the shops nearby and a light flicked on inside.

The pressure holding his wrists loosened unconsciously at this and Tai rammed his knee up into the guy's stomach causing him to double over wheezing. Rolling out from under him, Tai leaped to his feet, his head spinning dizzily and blinked fuzzily through the spots dancing across his vision until he spotted Jun still jumping upwards in an effort to retrieve her bag from its captor who dangled it over her head reminiscent of a human toying with a kitten over a shoelace.

A shrill whistle split the air warning them of the security guards arrival.

There was no more time. Tai ran forward and head-butted the guy in the gut successfully bowling him over backwards and Jun snatched at her bag on his way down.

"Run!" Tai shouted as the stomp of shoes and waving of flashlights grew closer. Together, they struck off in the opposite direction of the sounds, racing through the dimly-lit arcade until they had reached the exit and were greeted with the sight of Jun's moped faithfully waiting. It was a beautiful sight.

"Get on!" Jun ordered, throwing the spare helmet at him. Tai caught it and put it out without objection, taking his seat behind her and wrapping his hands around her waist.

They sped off into the night laughing crazily, releasing their built-up tension and the blood burning in his veins and his heart beating wildly was nothing more than the after-effects of the adrenalin rush he had just had.


It was with extreme hesitance that Tai crossed over the threshold of the Motomiya residence and entered the apartment.

"I don't know why you couldn't just drop me off at a subway station," he said feeling awkward to be standing in Jun's home.

"And send you off in that state?" Jun said pointing to Tai's bruised cheek and split lip. "You look like an adolescent delinquent who's been brawling! What would people think?"

"What are your parents going to think when they see the boy you brought home then?" Tai asked.

"My parents are up in Osaka visiting relatives. They won't be back for two more days," Jun said

Tai froze. So it would just be him and Jun… in the apartment… alone…

"Get your mind out of the gutter!" Jun screeched, walloping him in the head with her purse adding to his injuries.

"I wasn't thinking of that!" Tai yelled his face red in embarrassment, holding a hand over the lump he could feel growing on his skull.

"Good because this girl belongs to Matt!" Jun declared pointing a thumb proudly at herself. "If you're really that frightened of being with a girl alone you don't have to worry. I have a chaperone. Oi!" she called out marching over to a closed door and pounding on it. "Creep, I'm home. Come say 'welcome back' to your wonderful sister you adore!"

The door was flung open to reveal a scowling Davis. "You don't deserve a 'welcome back' you—Taichi-sempai!" he exclaimed shocked catching sight of Tai. "W-w-what are you doing here and what happened to your face?"

"That's none of your business, twerp," Jun said pushing past him and entering his room. "Now where is that First-Aid kit I saw you trying to sneak out the other day?"

"Ah, don't touch my stuff!" Davis shrieked grabbing his duffel bag away from her and holding it protectively to his chest.

Tai had a very good idea of why he didn't want his sister to look through it. DemiVeemon was probably hiding in it. "I don't need any First-Aid. I'll just go," he said backing away.

"Sure go home and let your family see you've been fighting!" Jun said whirling on him.

Behind her, he saw Davis open the duffel to let DemiVeemon hop out and scurry under the bed. Then reaching his hand in, he rummaged around before pulling out a square white box with a red cross on top. "Here," he said sourly, shoving it into his sister's hands.

"Don't be such a brainless klutz every time you play soccer and maybe you wouldn't need to hog this all the time," Jun scolded him. "You come with me," she addressed Tai leading him into the living room. "Sit," she commanded pointing to the couch.

Tai obeyed feeling like a trained dog and Jun sat down next to him and opened up the kit.

"Taichi-sempai, did you really get into a fight?" Davis asked enthusiastically. "I bet you won! I bet you kicked their butts!"

"Go away, you pest," Jun said, dabbing a peroxide-soaked cotton ball on the broken-skin around Tai's mouth.

"Ouch!" Tai yelped as the disinfectant burned and he twisted away from her.

"Stay still so I can clean it properly!" Jun snapped.

"That hurts!"

"You big baby!"

The next thing Tai knew he was sprawled out on his back on the couch due to a strong push and Jun was sitting on top of him rubbing the ointment onto his face that seared something fierce. "Aaaaaargh!" Tai emitted a strangle scream, thrashing his limbs about wildly.

"W-w-what are you two doing?" Davis squeaked out, his eyes growing to the size of marbles. "T-T-Taichi-sempai, don't fall into her trap! She just wants someone to take responsibility for her! You wouldn't like her anyway! She snores really loud and eats pudding with her fingers and she spends money like a drunken sailor!"

"I think it's your bedtime, you little brat!" Jun hissed venomously, climbing off her unfortunate victim and grabbing her brother by the collar of his shirt. Towing him to his room, she tossed him non-too gently inside and pulled the door shut, jamming a broom under the handle effectively sealing him in.

"Sempai? Sempai!" Davis' frantic shouts came from within as he rattled the door handle fruitlessly. "Don't give in, sempai! She's a man-eater! A man-eater!"

"God, I wish I was an only-child," Jun sighed wiping her brow despairingly.

Then Tai saw the red stain on her upper abdomen marring the green of her uniform.

"You're bleeding!" he exclaimed in a burst of concern that surprised himself.

"Eh?" Jun said glancing down. "That's not my blood," she stated upon closer inspection before doing a double take at him. "You're as clumsy as the twerp!" she shouted annoyed striding over and taking hold of his hand.

"Ah, what are you—"

"Hush," Jun said turning it palm-side up so they could see the thin slash-mark running diagonally across the skin. "How'd that happen?"

"One of the guys had a knife," Tai admitted. It must have happened when he was wrestling to take it away from the guy before he had tripped over the other. The blood had seeped out from the cut onto her uniform when he had put his hands around her waist while riding on the moped.

"Oh," Jun said paling considerably. "Oh… thank you." The girl was unnaturally silent for several seconds before appearing to regain her usual dauntlessness. "Well, let's get that cleaned up too."


"Are you sure you have enough to make for Matt?" Tai asked standing at the stove, stirring the steaming udon noodles with his newly-bandaged hand.

"I bought enough for four servings," Jun said as she sliced the leeks. "I wanted to practice a bit before I cooked his. So we can eat these for dinner and I still have enough left over!"

"You weren't in class today. I mean you didn't come… to my class… for lunch," Tai said, stumbling over the words.

"I was busy trying to decide my career choices," Jun said, a shadow passing over face. "I have to write down three options and turn them in to the teacher tomorrow so they can help decided which college would be the best for me to achieve that goal."


"You know, you go to school all your life and think to yourself you can't wait until you don't have to, and then when that day is finally on the horizon, you have absolutely no idea what to do," Jun stated grudgingly. "It's easier for people who have skills. Like you, I can tell you want to be a pro-soccer player and no doubt will. And Matt, of course, is going to be a world-famous rock star one day. But I don't have anything I'm particularly good at."

"I hear you're captain of the cheerleading squad," Tai suggested helpfully remembering Davis had shared with everyone about his sister. "You could go professional on that path."

"It's an enjoyable pastime," Jun said. "But I don't want to be doing that until I'm forty and old. I'll look ridiculous!"

Tai was silent for awhile trying to think of something… then a light bulb went on over his head quite literally as Jun reached above him to switch on the stove light so she could better see the pot to dump the chicken broth, soy sauce, mirin, sugar and salt to the boiling water.

"You do have something you're good at!" he exclaimed. "You love taking pictures of the object of your obsession and constantly stalk him shamelessly. You're confrontational, aren't afraid to fight for what's yours, you talk too fast and are annoying—"


"You could be a paparazzi!" Tai shouted and Jun paused in mid-swing of whacking him with the cooking ladle.

"T-that is…" the girl stuttered pensively, a smile slowly forming and stretching from ear to ear. "BRILLIANT!" she shrieked exhilarated. "You're a genius! Hahahaha!"

Jun collapsed in a fit of delighted hoots that Tai soon joined in, her happy mood contagious. Laughter rang out throughout the apartment complex only broken by the sound of Davis yelling, "I'll save you, Taichi-sempai!" and familiar battle-shout of "VEE-HEADBUTT!" and the door to the boy's room flying off its hinges.

To Be Continued…

A/N: Definition of Japanese terms below:

Itadakimasu: loosely translated "Let's eat!" Used in Japanese society, this phrase is chanted, usually before a meal (like grace) to say "Thank you for the meal."

Yakuza: members of traditional organized crime syndicates in Japan (i.e. the mafia).

Takoyaki: fried or grilled octopus dumplings, a wildly popular snack food.

I didn't put the phrases in Japanese, but basically when someone comes home they say, "Taidaima!" (I'm home!) and the response if someone is in the house is to say "Okaeri!" (Welcome back!). So Davis is being rude here.

Okay, first of all, describing all this food is making me hungry for it! I'm going to make tsukimi udon myself, dagnabit! Not so sure where I could get the takoyaki, but I'm pretty sure I can cook the udon.

Second, I freaking love this chapter! I am very pleased with it. It's twice as long because I couldn't stop anywhere without seeming unfinished. It's a typical Japanese date scenario, though both Tai and Jun will deny this. If you read any manga, watch any anime/drama the set-up is pretty much: eat food, tease your companion with accessories, buy stuff, run into ruffians and escape. If the audience is really lucky, the two characters get stuck somewhere together like an elevator for hours on end. Endless amusement, hehe.

And I've realized by reviewers' comments now, that it's not so much as I am converting anyone to Junichi. Apparently, my writing style makes people come back and the plot is believable enough for this romance to make sense, thank you!^^

Fun Facts: I listened to "Be Survivor" by ZZ during the whole fight scene. It was very inspiring and helpful. And alright, I admit it, "Jump Then Fall" by Taylor Swift during most of the shopping scenes, however occasionally I switched to "The Land Down Under" for some reason. o.O

I hope you have enjoyed reading this! Please review and share your thoughts and favorite scenes. I love hearing what you liked best and it's the only reward a fanfic author gets. I like knowing what my readers think and feel. Thank you

On to the next chapter Eternal Darkness Of The Cluttered Mind



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Jan. 5th, 2011 12:04 pm (UTC)
u r really good can u recomend any other authors
Jan. 8th, 2011 03:04 pm (UTC)
Re: darkherozero
I'm assuming you mean Digimon authors. Sonfaro and BrokenAngel01 both have wonderful Digifics on FF Net. And FizzingWizard's "All Seems Beautiful" fanfic is one of my top favorites as well as DOTMW's "Digimon Unlimited: Rise of the Demon Lords". Higuchimon has good digifics too, you just have to search for them way down under her Yu Gi Oh ones. Again, all these authors are on FF Net.

Hope these helped! Thanks for reviewing!^^
Jan. 7th, 2011 09:27 pm (UTC)
simply well written
i can't wait for ur next chapter i read some of your earlier work you really are getting better as you write looking forward to your future works
Jan. 8th, 2011 03:06 pm (UTC)
Re: simply well written
D'OH! How earlier? I know my first fics had horrible grammar and spelling mistakes! Gah! But I agree my writing is getting better. That's no doubt the after-effect of having a beta for my CLAMP fics a while back. She made me see a lot of mistakes I'd been doing and told me I needed more descriptions and metaphors.

Thanks for reviewing! Glad you're enjoying reading!^^
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